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When you book directly with Danubius Hotels Group, you can be sure that you are getting
the best publicly available hotel room rates. If you find a lower public rate anywhere else within 24 hours of your booking time, we will match the rate plus give you a EUR 30 Discount which can be used for Food & Beverage and extra services of the hotel during your stay,

subject to our Terms & Conditions.

You can submit your claim by filling out our online form. Claims must be submitted at least 48 hours before the standard check-in time at the applicable hotel.

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(Consolidated companies)

Danubius Hotel and Spa Private Company Limited by Shares
(Short name: Danubius Hotels Zrt.)

Danubius Hotels Zrt. (former Danubius Hotels Nyrt. that was a company listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange), has a comprehensive and controlling role affecting all activities of the Group. Group-level purchasing and the technical area overseeing the renovation processes operate under its direct management. It determines the development of its subsidiaries and supervises their business activities. It studies the possibilities of expanding the Company in Hungary and abroad, makes decisions on its concrete steps and pace thereof and creates their financial background.
(Registration nr.: Metropolitan Court of Budapest as Court of Registration 01-10-041669)

Danubius Hotel Operation and Services Private Co. Ltd.
(Short name: Danubius Zrt.)

Danubius Zrt. operates the hotels and it is also responsible for managing the portfolio of real estates in Hungary.
It also has been pursuing the activities of the former Danubius Beta Hotels Kft. since its merger into the company in October 2005.
(See the list of hotels at the part "Hotels".)
(Registration nr.: Metropolitan Court of Budapest as Court of Registration 01-10-041120)

Lecebné Lázné Mariánské Lázné a.s. (Mariánské Lázné, Czech Republic)
Danubius purchased altogether 95.36% stake in the company owning several hotels, spa establishments and springs in 2000 and 2001. Currently Lecebné Lázné is the operator of the hotels and spa houses of Danubius in Marienbad. Gama 45 s.r.o, Danubius first investment in Czech Republic, which was the owner of Hotel Villa Butterfly, was merged into the company at the end of year 2010.
(See the list of hotels at the part "Hotels".)
(Registration nr.: 45 35 91 13)

Slovenské Liecebné Kúpele Piestany a.s. (Piestany, Slovkia)
Danubius and its Czech subsidiary are the 88.85% owners of Slovenské Liecebné Kúpele a.s., spa company in Piestany. The company famous for its thermal springs and mud packings has three balneotherapeutic spa centers and more than 1500 rooms in several hotels in Piestany and Smrdaky.
(See the list of hotels at the part "Hotels".)
(Registration nr.: 34 14 47 90)

S.C. Balneoclimaterica S.A. (Sovata, Romania)
This company, possessing three hotels with 400 rooms, other properties and spa establishments and the usage right of Lake Medve for 20 years in Sovata, Transylvania, is 98.01% owned by Danubius Group
(See the list of hotels at the part "Hotels".)
(Registration nr.: J 26/266/1991)

Preventív-Security Zrt.
Danubius Group's interest has been the owner of Preventív Rt. since June 2000 (presently it owns 78.60%). This company is responsible for the security services of our hotels.
(Registration nr.: Metropolitan Court of Budapest as Court of Registration 01-10-043440) 

Gundel Kft.
This company owns and operates the world-famous Gundel Restaurant and its related businesses (Bagolyvár, Zoo terrace, restaurant and confectionery as well as trading of items with Gundel trademark). Danubius first bought its ownership in July 2004 and increased it to 100% in August 2009.
(Registration nr.: Metropolitan Court of Budapest as Court of Registration 01-09-073506) 


Description of the Organisational Structure

The operation of the Hungarian hotels and the management of properties and lands of most of our hotels belong to Danubius Zrt.

The operation of our foreign subsidiaries is largely independent. Danubius is represented in the Boards of Directors and in the Supervisory Boards through appointed Hungarian managers.

The above-mentioned companies are consoilidated subsidiarires of Danubius Hotels Zrt. There are additional interests which are not listed above due to the low ownership rate of Danubius or the small size of the companies.

Danubius Hotels Group
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