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Danubius Bubbles Club

Dear Parents and Grandparents!
We, the parents, have booked a stay at the hotel to relax. However, our kids...well; they have other ideas in mind. Toddler or young adult, girl or boy, shy or brave: fun and exciting discoveries await all types of kids. The playground is wide open to satisfy their unquenchable desires. Just leave them with our professional staff for a few days of playful abandon!

Danubius Child-friendly Hotels   
Our child-friendly hotels feature pool activities, excursions, lots of games, and fixed children’s programmes. There is even a 100% discount for children of all ages, from infants to teens!

Happy kids, relaxed parents!     
While the children are blissfully occupied, the parents may take advantage of our spa pools, or pamper themselves with a soothing massage. Meanwhile, the kids can be happily entertained by the Danubius Club Dragons.


The Bubbles Club Dragons have booked themselves into the Danubius Hotels! Every child will find an appropriate dragon playmate and programme for themselves. All they need to do is follow the bubbles... where there are bubbles, there are dragons!


What should you know about Dragee? What should you know about Dany? What should you know about Tiko? What should you know about Yoyo?

Fixed programmes for young children and teenagers from morning till night: Fun competitions of speed and skill both in the pool and on dry land are regularly organised: treasure hunts, cowboys and Indians, children’s Olympics, painting a pirate ship, balloon twisting, modelling quirky animals out of clay, blowing giant bubbles and any number of clever and brain-teasing puzzles - not to mention the nightly Bubbles Mini Disco

Danubius Bubbles Club - Danubius Health Spa Resort Bük


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