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I.  General terms and conditions

The Danubius Gift Card (hereinafter: Gift Card) is a service voucher, which allows use of the hotel’s own services in the hotels of Danubius Zrt in Hungary (hereinafter: Accepting Hotels) in accordance with the conditions established in this present Regulation.

The issuer of the Gift Card is Cardnet Zrt (H-1033 Budapest, Huszti út 32.)

The Gift Card can be owned by any private or legal person.

II. Purchasing a Gift Card

The Gift Card is a numbered, non-personalised and transferable plastic card with a magnetic strip.

The Gift Card is available for purchase at the Accepting hotels.

The Gift Card can be credited to a fixed value of 5,000 HUF, 10,000 HUF, 15,000 HUF, 20,000 HUF, 40,000 HUF, or to any other amount without an upper limit.

Holiday cheques, Danubius EuroPoints, Danubius BonusPoints or Health cards cannot be used in total or in part for purchasing the Gift Card.

The following shall be provided for the person purchasing the Gift Card:

  • the Gift Card credited to the value paid by the person purchasing it,
  • the “slip” verifying purchase,
  • the bill issued on purchase,

    (if you require a receipt (invoice) for the cards purchased at the Inmedio and Relay sales endpoints, please send your data in writing via the website, or call the Cardnet Call Center at +36 1 346-0500 to fix the data needed to make out the invoice )

Any complaints procedure in connection with the Gift Card is subject to the presentation of the slip received on purchase; therefore it is very important to keep the slip!

The Gift Card cannot be recredited.

The purchased Gift Card can be directly used or is optionally transferable.

By purchasing the Gift Card, the person purchasing the Gift Card agrees to be bound by these Business terms and conditions and undertakes to ensure that any third party receiving the Gift Card by transfer shall be familiar with the provisions of these Business terms.

If the Gift Card is purchased by a person with a Danubius EuroPoints Card or Danubius Bonus Corporate Card, the points shall be credited after the purchase by the Loyalty Programme Customer Service. The crediting of these points is subject to the presentation of a copy of the bill or slip proving purchase, by sending it to Danubius Customer Service (by e-mail, post or fax) indicating the Danubius EuroPoints or Danubius Bonus Card numbers and the serial number(s) on the Gift Card(s) purchased. Crediting of points is only possible within 2 months of purchase.

Danubius Customer Service:
Postal address: H-1372 Budapest 5. PO Box. 485
Tel: +36-1 888-8200

III. Using the Gift Card

The Gift Card can be used multiple times up to its value within one year of purchase.

In the
Accepting hotels the Gift Card can be used for the hotels’ own services up to the value on the card.

The balance on the Gift Card can only be used by presenting the card.

Using the Gift Card:

- present the Gift Card indicating the amount to be used when paying,
- the amount paid is deducted from the balance on the Gift Card,
- if the balance on the Gift Card does not cover the cost of the service to be purchased, then the difference shall be paid by another method (cash, bank card).

The amount on the Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash and does not earn interest.

The balance on the Gift Card is also displayed on the slip received after the last purchase.

The balance and expiry date of the Gift Card can be accessed at Danubius website, at Accepting hotels or through Danubius Customer Service on +36 1 888-8200 (from 8:00 am to 16:30 pm).

Danubius EuroPoints and Danubius Bonus Points cannot be earned by using the Gift Card.

After the expiry date, the Gift Card can no longer be used. Danubius Zrt will not reimburse in part or in full the balance of an expired Gift Card and any residual balance cannot be transferred.

IV. Complaints procedure associated with the Gift Card

Danubius Zrt accepts no financial responsibility for any stolen or lost cards. In the case of the Gift Card being stolen or lost, Danubius Zrt is not able to transfer or reimburse the remaining balance on the card.

If the Gift Card is physically damaged after purchase, a replacement card can be requested on presentation of the damaged card and the slip at the same time. The fee for replacing the card is 4 % of the balance min. 500 HUF/card, which shall be settled as agreed with Danubius Customer Centre.

Phone:+36 1 888 8200

V. The scope of the Business Terms and Conditions, final provisions

The scope of the Business Terms and Conditions extends to the persons purchasing as well as actually using the Gift Cards. In case the Gift Card is transferred, the purchaser of the Gift Card shall be responsible for making the current user of the Gift Card aware of the provisions of these Business Terms and Conditions. Danubius Zrt accepts no liability associated with this.

These Business Terms and Conditions shall enter into effect upon publication on the website.

Danubius Zrt and Cardnet Zrt reserve the right to make changes to these Business Terms and Conditions. Danubius Zrt shall communicate any amendments to the Business Terms and Conditions by publishing them on the website with the amendments entering into force at this time. The Business Terms and Conditions current at the time of purchase shall apply to the use of the Gift Card.

Danubius Zrt. shall treat any personal data given during the purchase and use of the Gift Card in a manner as specified in its Privacy Policy (

In matters not covered by these Business Terms and Conditions, the General Business Terms and Conditions of Danubius Zrt shall apply.


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