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Priessnitz's Packs

Priessnitz’s packs consist of a cold, wet compress, usually fabric, which has been soaked in cold water. This compress is then covered with foil and then replaced with a dry, warm, wool pack. During the first 5-10 minutes, there is an isothermal phase with vasoconstriction, followed by an isothermal phase for 20 minutes, where there is a switch from vasoconstriction to vasodilation. Finally, ongoing local vasodilation and hyperaemia – the hyperthermal phase – occurs for the next 20 minutes. The treatment is normally given for joint problems, pain relief and muscle relaxation. It also can be applied to the chest as a treatment for pharyngitis or coughing.

Type: Medical, Medical wellness
Duration of treatment: 60 minutes
Doctor's prescription: required Where is it available?
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