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Group Therapeutic Exercise
Group Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercise is a crucial part of the recovery process and instrumental to any rehabilitation program. This therapy is led by an expert physiotherapist, normally for a group of guests with a similar diagnostic profile. An example of our classes includes therapeutic exercise for spine or joint conditions, osteoporosis, obesity, vascular conditions of the brain and exercise for cardiac patients. The therapy uses exercises designed to relax overloaded muscles, strengthen weak muscle groups, improve joint, spinal and pelvic mobilisation,and strengthen static/dynamic functions necessary for correct body positioning. An inseparable part of these classes are breathing exercises, in addition to training for speed, agility, endurance, balance, strength and overall fitness.

Type: Medical, Medical wellness Purpose: re-energizing, weight loss
Duration of treatment: 20-30 minutes
Doctor's prescription: required in some places Where is it available?
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