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Body Wrapping

This treatment combines the benefits of body wrapping with aromatherapy. It begins with the appliance of a special cream followed by a wrap using a porous film - from the ankle up to the neck area, which is administered with a slight pressure to gently compress the cells. Then follows a 45 minute period of relaxation to allow the cream to absorb into the skin. When the treatment is over and the film is taken off, the non absorbed cream is massaged into the body.  It is then advised to drink plenty of water to ensure a positive effect from the treatment and to abstain from bathing for a couple of hours. The aim of the treatment is to stimulate the blood and lymph circulation, which helps trigger the body’s detoxification processes, as well as to promote weight loss. It is also recommended in combating cellulite and stretch marks as well as to improve the skin’s elasticity. This is an excellent treatment when used in conjunction with dieting, detoxifying and weight loss programs.

Type: Wellness, Medical wellness Purpose: detoxification, weight loss
Duration of treatment: 50 minutes
Doctor's prescription: not needed Where is it available?
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