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Dolce Vita Massage
Dolce Vita Massage

This treatment begins with a relaxing aroma massage (See: Relaxing Aromatic Massage). This is a slow massage technique that uses steady stroking movements of the hand with relaxing aroma oils. It is then followed by a hot towel back massage (See: Hot Towel Back Massage) for 20 minutes, using two rolled up towels soaked in hot water. The massage targets the back muscles, using the heat from the towels in a special rolling action. The masseur firmly rolls the towels across the neck, shoulders and down the back to the sacrum in one continuous action. It finishes with a short relaxation back massage. The combination of both treatments helps improve muscle flexibility, blood circulation, built-up emotional stress in the back, and releases tension and pain.

Type: Wellness, Medical wellness Purpose: de-stress
Duration of treatment: 45-50 minutes
Doctor's prescription: not needed Where is it available?
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