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The spa resort of Sovata lies nestled in a hidden valley in the Carpathian Mountains. This is probably one of the most natural, un-spoilt regions left in Europe. The spa is situated right next to Lake Bear, the only 'helio-thermal' lake on the continent. At the turn of the last century, picturesque wooden villas sprang up around the lake; they are still intact today, and give the town a unique atmosphere.

Because of its high salt content (which means bathers can float effortlessly on the surface), it is often referred to as the 'Dead Sea' of Transylvania. In summer, the surface temperature is between 20-25ºC, while at a depth of 2 metres it rises to 35–40ºC; it is a wonderful experience to lie back on the lake and unwind among its beautiful surroundings. This remarkable lake with its curative salt water has attracted visitors for decades.

Sovata is the perfect base from which to see some of the best sights in Romania: Gyilkos tó (Killer Lake), Békás Szoros (Frog’s Gorge), the fairytale town of Sighișoara and Dracula’s Castle, all set in the magical Carpathian Mountains. And after a long day’s sightseeing, you can return for a heavenly soak in the saltwater lake.


The salty Lake Bear of Sovata is the only ‘helio-thermal’ lake, and its natural salt water is used as a basis for the treatments. Because of the high salt content – which makes bathers float on the surface – it is known as the ‘Dead Sea of Translyvania’.  In summer, the temperature rises to 35ºC, providing the perfect conditions for a relaxing float on the water. The salt water has a curative effect on mobility disorders and certain skin conditions, and is used for inhalation treatments. Because of its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, the mud from the lake is used for both musculoskeletal and gynaecological sterility treatments in the form of mud packs.

Signature treatment – Natural Salt Bath
Duration of treatment: 20 minutes
What to expect: A relaxing individual bath, with a ‘floating sensation’ at a temperature of 32–36ºC.
Effects: The treatment is prescribed for chronic rheumatic diseases and skin complaints, in addition to being an effective relaxation treatment.

Signature treatment – Natural Salt Inhalation
Duration of treatment: 10–20 minutes
What to expect: Relaxing in a salt chamber whilst inhaling the healing, cleansing particles of natural salt.
Effects: The anti-bacterial salt particles help dissolve mucus and clean out the respiratory system. It treats chronic respiratory conditions, allergies or the after effects of a respiratory infection or cold.

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Danubius Health Spa Resort Sovata ****

"Romania's salty spa "

4.9/5 19 reviews

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