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The Spa Island of Piešťany is one of Europe's largest and most unique spa complexes. Its curative waters comprise ten springs of thermal water containing hydrogen sulphide and 1500mg of mineral substances per litre. These waters have permeated the limestone for many centuries and have been naturally heated by the Earth’s magma to temperatures of between 67 -69ºC.

The spa’s fame has grown since it was mentioned in a poem by Adam Trajan in 1642. Today the main spring is named after him. The end of the 19th century was a time of incredible growth when the owners rented it to the Winter family. It is from that time that its symbol emerged – a man breaking his crutch, freeing himself of pain. The Winter family set about the task of modernising the spas with real energy. The magnificent Art-Nouveau Thermia Palace and Irma Spa date from this era. The spa has attracted many famous people through the years, including Austrian Emperor Karol I, Selma Lagerlöf, composer Franz Lehár, Indian maharajas, Arabian sheikhs and film stars.


1. Mineral Water
The thermal water emerges naturally in springs on the spa island, containing 1500mg of mineral elements per litre, in addition to a high sulphur and hydrogen sulphide content. Its unique properties have made it famous for healing chronic mobility and musculoskeletal disorders, such as arthritis and rheumatism. The water has been used for centuries as an integral part of the rehabilitation programmes.

Signature treatment – Thermal mineral bath
(the treatment is available either in pools of natural thermal water called ‘mirror pools’ or privately in individual baths)
Recommended time: 20 minutes
What to expect: Relief for aching muscles and joints as you unwind in natural thermal water of 38ºC, followed by a deeply relaxing 15-minute dry wrap.
Effects: The heat reduces the blood pressure and the muscles relax whilst the sulphur and minerals are absorbed through the skin, inhibiting the degradation of elastin and collagen in the cartilage and connective tissues.

2. Piešťany Mud
Piešťany mud, with excellent heat transmission, is one of the highest quality peloids in the world. It is made up of soil and river sediment, decomposed organic substances and rare live bacteria. Because it has matured in thermal pools, its content is also high in sulphur and hydrogen sulphide. The mud treatment is offered in either mud packs or – unique to Piešťany – the Mud Pool, which comprises natural sulphurous mud penetrated by the thermal springs.

Signature treatment – Mud pool
Duration of treatment: 5 – 10 minutes
What to expect: A release of muscle tension and pain as the intense heat and healing properties of the mud are absorbed into the body, in addition to a rapid sensation of relaxing. Most guests fall asleep during the dry wrap that continues after the treatment.
Effects: The same as the thermal mineral bath.

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