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A prehistoric sea left high levels of hydrogen sulphide and sulphuric mineral mud. These unique natural resources are now used to treat, regenerate and relax both body and soul. The area has a tradition of spa care dating back 200 years, and the spa welcomes clients from all over the world.


Mineral Water

The mineral water in Smrdáky is one of the most concentrated hydrogen sulphide waters in Europe (680mg/l), . Combined with minerals and salts (Na, Mg, Ca 3400mg/l), this makes it exceptionally effective for the treatment of skin diseases and intense chronic mobility disorders.

Signature treatment – Individual Mineral Bath
Recommended time: As prescribed.
What to expect: a deep relaxing sensation and pain relief for aching muscles and joints. It is also possible to witness a visible improvement on the skin texture immediately after being in the water.
Effects: Because of the aggressiveness of the water and high sulphur content, it is known for its healing effect on a number of skin disorders, such as eczema and psoriasis, and also in cases where mobility disorders are combined with a skin disease, such as psoriatic arthritis.
The mineral water is also effective for the treatment of chronic rheumatism, arthritis and other musculoskeletal complaints.

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