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Monitoring indicators of the effectiveness of the spa treatment in a group of patients with coxarthrosis of the II – III stage


Coxarthrosis is the most common degenerative disease of the hip joint with subsequent wear of cartilage, which is caused by many biological and biomechanical factors. The disease is manifested by alternating painful and painless states, with a functional limitation of motion in the affected joint. Due to the pain, the patient tries not to use the affected limb, which causes unfavourable changes in the body, namely the curvature of the spine in the waist and the rotation of the pelvis. Part of the therapy is also the spa treatment, rehabilitation and balneology procedures, which help not only to improve joint mobility but decrease pain as well.

Objective: to determine the effects of a complex spa therapy treatment in patients with coxarthrosis at stages II – III.

Characteristics of the research file and the methods used: the research was conducted from March to May 2010 with patients who underwent a complete spa treatment in the spa facilities of Balnea Grand Splendid in the Slovak Health Spa Piešťany, Inc.

After the prior consent of the selected patients, the examined group consisted of 27 respondents with an average length of treatment of 20 days. For data collection, we used a standardised questionnaire, the Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index Questionnaire (WOMAC) and ARTROTEST (angle measurements with special protractors). The evaluation consisted of a comparison of data from respondents at the beginning and the end of the treatment stay, using arithmetic average and the Student t test.
Results have confirmed a statistically significant relief of the intensity of pain (WOMAC = 2.48 vs = 1.92, t test p <0.01), statistically significant relief of rigidity (WOMAC = 2,79 vs = 2,11, p <0,01 ) and improvement of functional disability (WOMAC = 2,46 vs = 1,97, p <0,01). Through an assessment of the Artrotest in a measurement of angles before and after the treatments were recorded, in addition to extension (0%), an improvement in flexion by 7.17%, abduction by 14.38%, adduction by 14.96%, intra-rotation by 10.19% and extra-rotation by 17.99% were all recorded.

Conclusion: With patients who underwent treatment at our facility for duration of 20 days, we recorded a reduction in their pain intensity, relief of rigidity and an improvement in their independence in everyday life activities. A complex spa therapy regimen has a legitimate place in the treatment of the hip, which has also been confirmed by our study.

Dr. Makovník Pavel, M.D., and team

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