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Danubius Health Spa Resort Bük****
Danubius Health Spa Resort Bük****
Európa út 1., 9740 Bük, Hungary, Phone: +36-94-889-400, E-mail:
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Danubius Health Spa Resort Bük - Emporium Beauty

Danubius Health Spa Resort Bük Emporium BeautyExperience a world of indulgence and luxury!

Visit the Beauty Salon at the Danubius Health Spa Resort Bük for a superb range of cosmetic and body treatments. Treat yourself to a little well-deserved, top class pampering!

A warm welcome awaits you at the Danubius Health Spa Resort Bük. Try our luxurious cosmetic treatments, and select from our exclusive range of home beauty products for purchase.

Experience a thoroughly modern approach to rejuvenating body and mind in our Beauty Salon.

Take a look at our beauty menu!
Once you have chosen your desired treatment, please book your appointment in advance before arriving to the hotel.

Tel: +36-94-889-454

Beauty Clarins

Clarins Treatments are totally unique. They are the blend of the natural benefits of botanicals combined with the magic of the hands in a perfect marriage of world famous products and expert techniques. Experience this exclusive approach to beauty care to reveal your full beauty... for a firmer body, softer skin and a soothing balance of inner calm.
View treatments
Clarins Body Treatments   Clarins Body Treatments
Clarins Express Treatments   Clarins Express Treatments
Clarins Facial Treaments   Clarins Facial Treaments
Clarins Treatments for Men   Clarins Treatments for Men

Beauty Kaviczky

Héviz mud and thermal water are the basis of the Kaviczky product range, which uses the curative effects of the Hévíz Thermal Lake in the field of skin care. A special combination of agents are found
in each KAVICZKY product representing the uniqueness of this product line. This is called the Pannon Formula PFTM, consisting of Hévíz mud and thermal water of Hévíz, natural grain extracts and purified essential oils.

View treatments
Kaviczky Deep Cleansing Facials   Kaviczky Deep Cleansing Facials
Kaviczky Express Regeneration   Kaviczky Express Regeneration
Kaviczky Facial for Men   Kaviczky Facial for Men
Kaviczky Luxury Treatment with Plant “Botox”   Kaviczky Luxury Treatment with Plant “Botox”
Kaviczky Pampering Facials   Kaviczky Pampering Facials
Kaviczky Welcome   Kaviczky Welcome

Hand and Foot Care

We also have a wide selection of hand and foot care treatments by our Professional Manicurist and Pedicurist.

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  Foot Care with Paraffin

This treatment uses the healing properties of paraffin. It starts with disinfecting the feet which are then immersed in melted paraffin several times. The paraffin creates an occlusive layer on the  feet surface. Then the feet are wrapped in foils and terry gloves to maintain the optimum temperature for the duration of the treatment. This treatment helps to relieve joint stiffness, chronic pain, and promotes healing and tissue maintenance. At the same time it has sedative and immune-biological effects.

Treatment price: 20' - 2,700 HUF
Hand Care with Paraffin   Hand Care with Paraffin
  Kid's Manicure

Treatment price: 1,500 HUF
Manicure   Manicure
Pedicure   Pedicure

Beauty other

In addition to your chosen treatment we also offer other services such as eyelash and eyebrow tinting, waxing etc…

View treatments
'Danubius Magic' Facial massage   'Danubius Magic' Facial massage
  Armpit / Underarm Wax

Treatment price: 10' - 2,100 HUF
  Bikini Wax

Treatment price: 15' - 2,500 HUF
Eyebrow Correction   Eyebrow Correction
Eyebrow Tinting   Eyebrow Tinting
Eyelash Tinting   Eyelash Tinting
Facial Wax   Facial Wax
Facial Wax/ partial   Facial Wax/ partial
Full Leg Wax   Full Leg Wax
  Kid's Face Massage

Our children facial massage provides a 'taste' of adult cosmetic treatments. Children often love imitating their parents. We developed this abbreviated treatment so they could take part in the pampering. The treatment, performed by a beautician expert at our salon, consists of the application of products suitable for the child's facial skin without any synthetic preservatives, colourings or perfumes. The treatment commences with a brief facial cleansing, followed by facial massage, during which the motions are adapted to the child's age and nature.

Treatment price: 15' - 3,500 HUF
Leg Wax Till Knee   Leg Wax Till Knee
  Teenager Facial Treatment

This is a basic deep cleansing treatment, specifically for the needs of problematic teenage skin. After cleansing and scrubbing the facial, neck and décolletage areas, the skin is softened and deep cleansed. After the thorough cleansing, the treatment is concluded by applying a soothing, skin contracting facial mask. The final result is radiantly clean and refreshed facial skin.

Treatment price: 60' - 6,500 HUF

Anti - Age Light Therapy

Recently, LED technology has become one of the most modern facial renewal treatments which retains all of the favourable characteristics of former light therapies without their drawbacks and risks. LED light drastically decreases the signs of skin aging and improves skin faults. The procedure generates no heat, is entirely painless and has a short application time. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, regardless of age!
The Cesare LED MASK yields its affect through 70 red LED lights with a wavelength of 645 nm. This infrared light spectrum stimulates the function of photoreceptors, enhances the biochemical reactions of tissues while significantly stimulating the energy-production centre of cells, the mitochondrion. The technology, also known as photobiomodulation, is currently the most effective non-invasive technology in balancing the aging and sagging of skin. The LED mask helps the increased utilization of active agents.

View treatments
Anti – Age LED Mask Express   Anti – Age LED Mask Express
Anti - Age LED Mask facelift treatment   Anti - Age LED Mask facelift treatment
Anti - Age LED Mask Serum Cocktail treatment   Anti - Age LED Mask Serum Cocktail treatment
Európa út 1., 9740 Bük, Hungary Phone: +36-94-889-400
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