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"Quiet park hideaway"
Depandance Morava***
Prírodné liečebné kúpele Smrdáky , 906 03 Smrdaky, Slovakia, Phone: +421-34-657-51-01, E-mail:

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Depandance Morava - Medical treatments in Smrdaky

How does Medical Spa work?

Smrdaky Spa Healing Mineral Water
The basis of healing, regeneration and relaxation in Smrdaky Spa is our mineral water rich in hydrogen sulfide. Two sources of hydrogen sulphide water called Jozef I. and Jozef II. are used at Smrdáky Spa and have the following balneological characteristics: natural, curative, slightly mineralized, hydrocarbonate, chloride-carbonate, sodium, sulphuric water with an increased content of boric acid, cold (temperature 13 °C), hypotonic, alkaline with a hydrogen sulphide content of approximately 600 mg/1 of water.

Smrdaky Spa Healing Mineral Mud
Mineral mud is a peloid that comes to the surface with hydrogen sulphide water through loessial soils found in this area. Highly effective and efficient sulphurous peloids are used as a health aid in the form of packs for joints and the spinal column.

Psoriasis vulgaris, generalisata; dermatitis atopica; eczema chronicum, profesionale; neurodermitis circumscri ta; pruritus, prurigo; ichtyosis; sclerodermia circumscripta; para-psoriasis; acne vulgaris, indurata, conglobata; rosacea; dermatitis rosaceiformis; post-burn conditions; arthritis psoriatica, arthritis rheumatica; vertebropathies; Bechterew's disease; Coxarthritis I.-IV. (A, B,C)

Bronchial asthma, epilepsy, pregnancy, serious cardiovascular disorders, malignant tumours, infectious diseases, acute thrombophlebitises, acute psychoses, unstable diabetes, addiction to alcohol or other substances, incontinence.

Therapeutic services

    Medical treatments are available Mondays - Sundays, 7:30 - 16:00 Treatments may be restricted on Sundays and public holidays (1.1., 6.1., Good Friday & Easter Monday, 1.5., 8.5., 5.6.,29.8., 1.9., 15.9., 1.11., 17.11., 24.12., 25.12., 26.12.)

    Medical treatments at Depandance Morava

    Medical spa offers at Depandance Morava

    Packages: 1-2 / 2


    Book your spa stay for at least 6 nights between 23.10. 2016 – 9.12.2016 and 22.1.2017 – 18.3.2017 to get a special discount: 100% discount on single room surcharge 40% dicount on the stay of the 2nd person in Double room
    Availability: 23 October 2016 - 18 March 2017
    Rate from
    EUR 48
    Person/6 night(s)
    Taste of Smrdáky - Depandance Morava ***

    Taste of Smrdáky

    This relaxing spa stay is intended for people looking for relaxation in quiet surroundings
    Availability: 22 January 2017 - 8 December 2017
    Rate from
    EUR 46
    Person/1 night(s)
    Prírodné liečebné kúpele Smrdáky , 906 03 Smrdaky, Slovakia Phone: +421-34-657-51-01
    Reservation phone: +421 34 695 9173, Reservation fax: +421 34 657 5135, E-mail:
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