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Balneology days Marienbad

Balneology days – Danubius Hotels Group
Léčebné lázně Mariánské Lázně a.s. - May 2012


Tradition of healing with natural resources – 200 years

Guests arrive at Mariánské Lázně to have, to see and to try the traditional spa treatment, which is based on using natural medicinal sources - mineral springs, peat, natural gas CO2 and very good climatic conditions.

Mineral springs are used for preparing mineral baths, for drinking cures and inhalations. Natural medicinal Maria’s gas (99.7 % natural CO2) is applied in the form of dry carbon-dioxide gas baths and carbon-dioxide gas application. Peat is used in the form of peat wraps. For spa guests, there is also provided a wide range of other spa procedures, which use the latest medical methods.

Doctor´s presentations about balneology in Marienbad:

Co-operation with the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague. The company Marienbad Kur & Spa Hotels - Léčebné lázně Mariánské Lázně a.s. is not only building its further development on traditional therapy, but by its new activities it is aiming further into the field of modern spa industry. In the spirit of long-term tradition of high proficiency of the Czech spa industry and the development of the Czech education system, there began, in 1996, a reciprocal co-operation with the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague. It opened the door of opportunity for wide co-operation when solving various research tasks and problems as well as problems from everyday practice

Doctor´s presentations about balneology in Marienbad:

02.05.2012 1:30pm Hvězda MUDr. Sergey Bortnyk (Russian)
02.05.2012 2pm Hvězda MUDr. Marie Micková (German/Czech)
02.05.2012 2pm Butterfly MUDr. Pavel Knára (German)
03.05.2012 2pm Nové Lázně MUDr. Pavel Knára (Russian)
09.05.2012 1:30pm Hvězda MUDr. Sergey Bortnyk (Russian) 
09.05.2012 2pm  Hvězda MUDr. Marie Micková (German/Czech)
10.05.2012 2pm  Nové Lázně  MUDr. Pavel Knára (German)
16.05.2012 1:30pm Hvězda MUDr. Sergey Bortnyk  (Russian) 
16.05.2012 2pm   Hvězda MUDr. Marie Micková (German/Czech) 
16.05.2012 2pm Butterfly MUDr. Pavel Knára   (German)
17.05.2012 2pm Nové Lázně MUDr. Pavel Knára (Russian)
18.05.2012  2pm Nové Lázně MUDr. Pavel Knára (German) 
23.05.2012 1:30pm Hvězda MUDr. Sergey Bortnyk  (Russian)
23.05.2012 2pm Hvězda MUDr. Marie Micková (German/Czech)
23.05.2012 2pm Nové Lázně MUDr. Pavel Knára (German)
30.05.2012  1:30pm Hvězda MUDr. Sergey Bortnyk  (Russian)
30.05.2012  2pm  Hvězda MUDr. Marie Micková (German/Czech)
30.05.2012  3pm  Pacifik  Edita Jadlovská  (German)

Open day in Centrální lázně - 200 years spa tradition and balneology for children

May 18th, 2012 (2pm-6pm)

A great collection of historical pictures will be exhibited in the colonnade between the only historical treatment houses of Marienbad: Centrální Lázně and Nové Lázně, the place, where Marienbad was founded.

On May 18th the hotel is opened for all visitors, who wish to see the traditional treatment rooms of Centrální Lázně, the photo exhibition about the history of the beautiful building or the children’s balnnoe department. A consultation with the medical staff is also possible.

Balneotherapy for children - only in Centrální Lázně

Léčebné lázně Mariánské Lázně a.s. offers a unique and proved system of curing children by using treatments from natural sources.  Classical spa stays for children using balneotherapy is offered to children from 6 years old and it is especially aimed at curing children’s disorders of the locomotive system, kidney and urinary system, respiratory tract and gynaecological illnesses. Preventive spa programs are offered to children from 4 years old who are accompanied by their parents. All programs are run under the supervision of an experienced spa paediatrician.

From May 2012 the company Léčebné lázně Mariánské Lázně a.s. organizes animation for children staying for a therapy in the hotel Centrální Lázně:

  • every Tuesday afternoon – exercises with children
  • every Thursday afternoon - exercises with children and health walk with animation in the parks of Marienbad
Jubilee treatments in the 200 years Centrální Lázně – tradition of Balneology

Jubilee Mineralbath (45 Minutes)

This is a signature treatment, exclusively provided in the spa resort of Marienbad using the natural local mineral waters and natural CO2 gas that naturally seeps out from the ground. The water is heated to a temperature of between 28 - 34 °C in an individual bathtub, into which is pumped the natural CO2 gas that fizzes onto the skin, producing a relaxing, tickling sensation. The carbon dioxide is absorbed through the skin into the body, where slows down the heart activity and reduces the blood pressure. Several treatments will result in improved blood circulation, heart and kidney activity as well as reduced stress and anxiety.

Jubilee Mineralbath with peat extract (45 Minutes)
Identical to the individual mineral bath treatment and exclusively provided in the spa resort of Marienbad, the difference here is that peat extract is added to the water. Bath improves blood circulation, counteracting stress, lowers blood pressure, improves heart function, allowing the absorption of useful substances from peat.

Jubiele Aroma holistic massage (45 Minutes)
Holistic relaxing massage improves blood circulation, skin elasticity, stimulates the immune system, helps to manage daily stress, bringing deep relaxation, and as a complementary therapy is beneficial for many chronic and acute diseases.

Jubilee Regeneration Massage (30 Minutes)
Directly affects the nervous system and hormonal sphere, improves blood circulation and stimulates metabolism, provides regeneration after any stress - physical and psychological, prevents accidents and various health problems, slows aging and its symptoms (tightens and smoothes the skin, slowing the appearance of wrinkles) and thus contributes to a better and look younger man, not least in helping to keep a man in great mental shape.

Jubilee Natural dry carbon gas bath (30 Minutes)
This is another signature treatment of the spa resort of Marienbad where the gas – ‘Marie’s gas’ – that bubbles naturally out of the ground is used for the treatment. This gas is of volcanic origin and contains 99.7% CO2. During the treatment you lie fully clothed, comfortably on a bed enclosed in a large plastic bag that is sealed just under the arms. The gas is then pumped into the bag, which slowly inflates, where it is absorbed through the clothes and skin into the body where it slows down heart activity and reduces blood pressure. The gas also improves blood circulation and kidney activity and has an anti-inflammatory effect. The gas is also known to stimulate the production of the sexual hormones, testosterone and estradiol, which is why it is successful for the improvement of sexual functions and to relieve menopausal symptoms in women.

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