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When you book directly with Danubius Hotels Group, you can be sure that you are getting
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Spa Piestany confirmed the high quality of its services

Spa Piešťany confirmed the high quality of its services

The European Spas Association (ESPA) represents interests of over 1200 spa cities in Europe. The European mark of quality in spa industry is particularly important for better orientation of foreign clients because in each country exist different requirements on hygiene, safety and infrastructure. Since 2006, common evaluation criteria for obtaining of the EuropeSpa Med certificate are applied on the whole European continent.

Spa Piešťany belong among the biggest providers of spa services in Europe and in 2011 they decided to undergo this extensive inspection. Experts from ESPA examined more than 1000 points in catering, accommodation, spa treatments, swimming pools, human resources and management. It turned out that the Hotel Thermia Palace is one of the best European spa service providers.

On 7th February 2013, Spa Piešťany passed inspection audit during which the ESPA auditors again recorded improvement in quality of provided services. Spa Piešťany again confirmed their traditionally high level of quality and good motivation of employees. „If this goes on, Spa Piešťany are on the best way to become leaders in the quality in Europe”, stated Dr. Kurt von Storch, EuropeSpa chief auditor.

Mrs. Urbanková, Quality Manager of the Spa Piešťany: „Audit of EuropeSpa is one of the most detailed tests of quality in which I participated so far. It moved us closer to our objective to become the leader in the international market.“
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