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Child animation questionnaire

Dear Guest,

your opinion on our services is of utmost importance to us, therefore we kindly ask you to take a few moments and fill in our questionnaire. Your feedback will help us improve our services and adapt them according to your suggestions and wishes. Thank you very much for your help.

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Prior notification and information about the programmes
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Atmosphere of the programme venue
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3Rate our services
Attire and overall ‚presentation’ of the animators
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Preparedness of the animators and delivery of the programme
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Language skills of the animators
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Extent to wich the animator paid proper attention to everyone, and drew your child into the programme
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Tools and equipment used for the animation
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Convenience of the timing of the programme
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The imaginative quality of the programme you attended
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Which programme was the best?
Which type of programme would you like more of? (e.g. handicraft, sport, entertainment)
Which programme didn’t you like?
Why not?
Was there any animation programme that disturbed your rest?
Would you recommend our animation programmes and services to your friends?
Any remarks
Please add below any other observations or comments you might have about the programmes offered by Danubius Bubbles Club:
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