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Mineral Drinking Cure

Drinking medicinal mineral water is an important part of your spa stay. The rich mineral waters gently regulate the functioning of the stomach, bowels, kidneys and liver. A drinking treatment normally consists of drinking a prescribed amount of the mineral before meals, as drinking on an empty stomach increases the efficiency and effect of the mineral substances and their absorption into the body. Each particular fountain in our different spa resorts in Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia has its own unique benefits and advantages. Instructions on how to take full advantage of this natural resource can be found in the spa. In general, it is advised to drink between 1-2 decilitres before meals. Our Health Spa Resort of Marienbad was built around the healing effects of its medicinal drinking springs, world famous for its curative effects on kidney and urinary tract conditions. There are seven different mineral water springs in Marienbad, each with their own particular benefits and healing mineral components. Because of this, combined with the importance of embarking upon the correct drinking regime, your spa doctor will advise you on which spring can best benefit your health condition. In Marienbad, you will normally be prescribed to drink between 1-2 litres per day.

Type: Medical, Wellness, Medical wellness Purpose: detoxification
Duration of treatment: - minutes
Doctor's prescription: required in some places Where is it available?

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