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Mud Pool + Mirror Pool + Dry Wrap

Rich in minerals and warmed by the heat of the earth’s interior, thermal mineral water is probably one of the most remarkable natural remedies known to mankind. Thermal water is the basis of our natural treatments in Hungary and Slovakia. It is particularly effective in the treatment of chronic inflammatory and degenerative locomotive disorders and is also excellent in rehabilitation programs. Relaxing in the warm water is also a perfect antidote to unwinding from the stresses and strains of modern life. In fact its effect is so good that a weekly visit to the local spa is routine for many people living in central Europe. Thermal water naturally springs up, or is pumped artificially to the earth’s surface, normally from a depth of about 2000 meters. After this it then cools to a temperature suitable for bathing which is usually between 36-39 °C. You are encouraged to relax in the thermal bath for 15-20 mins daily unless otherwise advised by one of our doctors. In some of our more traditional spas, your thermal bathing treatment will be completed by a 15 minute full body dry wrap (See Other: Dry Wrap). Some of our older thermal bathhouses are true architectural gems, whilst our newer facilities combine the thermal water with sauna worlds, swimming and hydro pools.
Unique to our Health Spa Resort of Piešt’any is the mud pool treatment. This is available in three of our spas on the spa island – Pro Patria, Irma and Napoleon Health Spas. The mud pool is comprised of a natural bed of sulfur mud from between 10-30 cm thick, penetrated by hot thermal mineral water springs, the water level above the mud being from between 50-90 cm. The temperature of the mineral water varies from 39-40 °C, in places directly over the springs sometimes reaching higher levels. During the treatment the heat from the mud and thermal water helps the blood vessels dilate reducing blood pressure and relaxing the muscles, additionally the sulfur and minerals are also absorbed through the skin, where they inhibit the degradation of elastine and collagen in the cartilages, sinews and connective tissues. It is possible to stand, slowly walk, sit or even conduct gentle joint mobility exercises whilst in the pool. The duration of the bath is strictly individual lasting between 5-10 minutes. The treatment ends with a shower and a 15 minute dry wrap (See Other: Dry Wrap). As part of the Piešt’any tradition this treatment can be combined with a thermal bath and massage.

Type: Medical Purpose: de-stress, re-energizing
Duration of treatment: 45 minutes
Doctor's prescription: required Where is it available?

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