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Anti - Age LED Mask Serum Cocktail treatment

A completely personalized two-phase skin rejuvenating treatment, which rejuvenates and restores the health and beauty of the skin. DERMA EFFECT is one of the most professional trends of modern skincare, which rejuvenates the skin on a cellular level and enhances the skin's biochemical reactions. Following the cleansing of the skin, a mask steeped in a personally compiled serum cocktail is applied on the skin. During the 15-minute application period, the valuable biotechnological ingredients and plant-based stem cells permeate the deeper layers of the skin where they take effect. The integration and utilization of active agents is facilitated by a 15-minute LED mask light treatment which rejuvenates and regenerates the skin due to its photobiomodulation effect. The 15-minute skin renewing light therapy is perfect for rest and relaxation. The treatment is concluded by providing a day treatment suitable to the skin type. The simultaneous application of the two procedures multiplies the effect of the treatment and ensures its long-lasting results. Due to the treatment, the skin immediately feels soft and smooth with a radiant glow. Its visible effect becomes even more enhanced 1-2 days after the treatment, which is due to the stimulating effect of the cellular-level 645 nm wavelength LED light. The treatment is suitable for all ages and skin types and can be applied once or on multiple occasions as a cure.

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