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Bobaor Reversive Facial

A unique Babor anti-aging treatment with the innovative RE-YOUTH complex as its main component. This exclusive, precision formula contains fine-tuned active agents which restore the skin's vitality and glow. The Reversive treatment and skincare series visibly alleviates deep wrinkles, providing the skin with a more radiant and youthful appearance while balancing its tone. The skin becomes tighter, smoother and silky smooth to touch. Facial cleansing is followed by a longer duration AHA acidic peeling, during which the arms are cleansed and exfoliated. Facial skin care is conducted through the application of an ultrasound active agent, the Babor Lifting Touch massage, as well as eye and lip skincare. This is followed up with the application of a special facial mask, during which the hands are softly massaged. The treatment is concluded by applying BaborReVersive day skincare products.

Duration of treatment: 90 minutes Where is it available?

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