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'Danubius Magic' Facial massage

The Danubius Magic series was developed as a pampering massage for the face. It is a visibly effective treatment using perfume-scented oils that are warm and rich in active ingredients. Its special feature is an oil in an aroma bowl, made up from either gold powder and argan oil or champagne and strawberries. After being lit, it changes into liquid gold or scented "champagne". At the start of the treatment, the guest can choose from the two types of massage oil. Following a cleaning and exfoliation of the skin, an indulgent facial, neck and décolleté massage begins. At the end of the treatment, the oil is completely absorbed, resulting in silky, fragrant, and radiant skin for several hours afterwards. The uniqueness of the gold powder and argan oil is its 80% essential fatty acids and high vitamin E content, which increases the oxygenation of the skin and helps restore skin hydration and elasticity. It also has regenerating and free radical eradicating properties. The oil containing champagne and strawberries strengthens the skin's protective mechanisms, moisturises the skin's surface, absorbs free radicals, strengthens the capillaries and stimulates blood circulation.

Type: Wellness Purpose: de-stress, re-energizing
Duration of treatment: 30 minutes
Doctor's prescription: not needed Where is it available?

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