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CW Laser Hyaluron Max Skin Boost

Until now, hyaluronic acid facelifts were only used as an invasive procedure, by injecting a substance under the wrinkles in order to mechanically fill them up, with an effect which lasted a few months. In the course of this premium-category, combined treatment, the deep layered, concentrated absorption of high concentration, triplex hyaluronic acid and other wrinkle removing ampoules is provided by a High-Tech Electroporation procedure before activating it with the CW Laser. The CW is a special kind of laser which produces its effect on the active agents employed in the deeper layers of the skin: not only activating them, but lastingly binding them down. We recommend this facelift treatment for all kinds of skin types, regardless of age or sex, to impede the aging process in a noticeable way, by filling up the skin with a hyaluronic acid concentrate. After the one or two layered CW Laser - Layered Hyaluronic Acid Facelift, the skin is filled up instantly and noticeably, with a visible and tangible effect lasting for one-and-a-half to two months, thanks to the layered active agent introduction and the laser activation. We offer a one layer, 60-minute and a two layer, 90-minute lifting CW Laser treatment, according to the skin’s condition, the results you wish to achieve, as well as the time and frequency you wish to devote to the lifting treatments. 

Duration of treatment: 60-90 minutes Where is it available?

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