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Meso Laser Focus Mesotherapy

We perform the MesoLaser - focused mesotherapy recharging treatments with a high performance, high-tech electroporation device, which significantly increases the skin's ability to absorb active agents. Thanks to the procedure, the concentrated active agents of the Age Attraction products are absorbed 5-8 mm deep into the skin, where they have their lasting effect. A single treatment can be used to treat numerous skin ailments - including skin rejuvenation, toning, wrinkle prevention, hydration, vitamin replacement, acne. The focused mesotherapy treatments can be performed up to 2-3 times a week, yet even a single occasion will produce a visible result - completely painlessly! After the treatment the skin's ability to absorb active agents significantly increases and thus we recommend in all cases to follow up the skin program at home with the Age Attraction products. Although the electroporation procedure is preceded by a thorough cleansing and pre-treatment, in order to maximize its effects, we ask you not to use any cosmetics or skin care products before the treatment.

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