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Cryotherapy in a cryosauna is a unique method of a whole-body cold therapy, during which the body is exposed to extremely low temperatures down to minus 160 °C for a period of 1 – 3 minutes. Cooling the body as a medical treatment has been practiced for centuries, however only since the 1980’s with improvements in technology has it been possible to expose the entire body to extremely low temperatures. This procedure originated Japan and has spread to a number of European countries. Whole-body cryotherapy is safe and it is very effective. Due to the fast cooling of the body‘s surface, the blood circulation is massively stimulated - 4 times more than before cryotherapy treatment. This speeds up the metabolic processes and the removal of toxins and metabolic waste products. As a reaction to the cold, the organism starts producing a number of active substances (for example endorphins, corticosteroids), which have an analgesic effect (reducing pain). The treatment also has an anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect, improves the performance of the  immune system, in addition to improving physical and mental endurance.

Type: Medical, Medical wellness Purpose: re-energizing
Duration of treatment: 1 - 3 minutes
Doctor's prescription: required Where is it available?
Czech Republic

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