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EDIT (electric differential therapy) is a low-frequency type of electrotherapy, which can be combined with other low-frequency (e.g. TENS) or mid-frequency (e.g. inferential therapy) electrical signals for therapeutic treatment. The essence of the biological effect - by inducing local hyperaemia – is an improvement in tissue metabolism, which results in improved circulation and reduced oedema. It is beneficial for relieving chronic muscle spasms and reducing pain. Its effect is primarily felt on the surface layer of tissue. The low-frequency mode of operation – depending on the direction of power – increases the stimulation threshold of the sensory nerves while reducing their motor movement, thus creating an analgesic and muscle-strengthening effect. The treatment occurs with either 2 or 4 electrodes, causing a local tingling sensation.  

Type: Medical
Duration of treatment: 10-15 minutes
Doctor's prescription: required Where is it available?

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