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Individual Bubble Bath with Additives

The individual bubble bath with additives is similar to the individual thermal bubble bath (See Balneotherapy: Individual Thermal Bubble Bath), however, instead of using thermal water, ordinary water is used that has been heated to a temperature of between 32-34 °C. Into this is pumped small ‘fizzy’ bubbles of air. The difference here is that herbal extracts or oils are added to the water. The herbal extracts used include: Nettle, which softens the skin and can help eczema conditions, Camomile, that is anti-inflammatory and speeds up the healing of wounds, Horsetail Plant, for backaches and aching joints and Tannin combined with Oak Bark to smooth skin irritations. The treatment lasts from between 10 to 20 minutes during which you lie relaxing as small air bubbles relaxingly caress and coat the skin. The treatment is ideal for general relaxation as there is a pleasant soothing feeling of general tickling from the bubbles. The treatment in some of our spa locations is followed by a full body 15 minute dry wrap (See Other: Dry Wrap).

Type: Medical, Wellness, Medical wellness Purpose: de-stress, weight loss
Duration of treatment: 10-20 minutes
Doctor's prescription: not needed Where is it available?

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