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Scottish Spray

‘Scottish spray’ is a stimulating and extremely vigorous treatment. Whilst standing in a swimsuit or naked, a pressurised jet of water (3 atm) is applied from a distance of 3-4 metres. For the first 30 seconds, the temperature is set at 38-42°C, followed by a spray at 16-18°C for 5-10 seconds. This procedure is repeated several times, first around the area of the upper and lower extremities, then on the torso and belly, following the course of the large intestine, from the front and back. The treatment ends with a cold spray. This treatment improves the immune system, circulation and metabolism, and leaves one with a rejuvenated feeling.

Type: Medical, Wellness, Medical wellness Purpose: re-energizing, detoxification
Duration of treatment: 10-15 minutes
Doctor's prescription: required in some places Where is it available?

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