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Stepping Bath

This treatment involves stepping alternately into footbaths that are filled with water of contrasting temperatures. First your feet are placed into a footbath of water between 40-42°C, actively stepping for one to two minutes, then into a cold water footbath at a temperature between 10-16°C, again actively stepping for 15-30 seconds. This whole cycle is repeated between 6 and 10 times, always finishing in the cold footbath. This treatment has a positive impact on headaches, migraines, circulation disorders (cold feet) and early-stage varicose veins. It also helps improve the condition of ankle ligaments and leg joints, and is an appropriate treatment for injuries to feet and lower limbs.

Type: Medical, Wellness, Medical wellness Purpose: re-energizing, detoxification
Duration of treatment: 15 minutes
Doctor's prescription: required in some places Where is it available?

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