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Live Blood Cell Analysis

This is a special health examination based on the analysis of live blood cells that have taken from a finger pin prick.  The small drop of blood is placed onto a slide and magnified through a camera onto the computer screen. Both the doctor and guest are able to see the state of the magnified cells in perfect clarity and it shows clearly an overall picture of the health of the client. Poor diet, lack of hydration, stress and hidden signs of disease are all reflected in the size, shape and pattern of the blood cells. In addition to explaining the findings and giving advice, the doctor can also prescribe spa treatments and lifestyle advice to help address the risk factors found in the examination.  In many Danubius Health Spa Resorts the live blood cell analysis is used as an essential part of the doctor’s consultation at the beginning of our preventative and medical wellness programs.  It is particularly useful in ‘detox’ stays where a noticeable difference can be seen in the health of the blood cells before and after the treatment. The live blood cell analysis is often done in combination with a lifestyle questionnaire assessment.

Type: Medical, Medical wellness
Duration of treatment: 45 minutes
Doctor's prescription: required Where is it available?

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