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Complete SUP Phototherapy

The abbreviation ‘SUP’ stands for Selective Ultra Phototherapy in English, in German-speaking countries the letters ‘SFT’ are used meaning - Selective Foto Therapie, but both refer to the same treatment. During the treatment a high-pressure mercury vapor lamp is used with the spectrum UVA and UVB (305-325 nm). This has a significant therapeutic effect on psoriasis, because it inhibits excessive rapid cell division. The procedure is administered by three stands located in the triangle, on each stand a lamp, the lamp distance 90 cm. The dosage is prescribed according to skin type and condition and starts at half a minute. During the procedure the guest slowly rotates to ensure the full application of the skin. Special protective glasses are necessary and any spots on the skin are covered with a zinc paste. This treatment is very effective for inveterate psoriasis. It is not permitted to combine UV radiation with natural sun exposure as this significantly increases the risk of sunburn and skin cancer.

Type: Medical
Duration of treatment: 0,5 - 5 minutes
Doctor's prescription: required Where is it available?

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