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Manipulation and Mobilisation Therapy

This is a manual technique used for the treatment of joint ‘blockages’ that cause pain and restrict movement and may also cause reflex changes such as aches and spasms. In most cases, these are in the so-called ‘joint’ sections of the spine. The purpose of the treatment is the release of the segment and the restoration of a freely-moving joint. First of all, the problem area is overstressed, and then the ‘blockage’ is released through a small quick movement with mild force. This technique is continued using short repetitive movements, starting from a marginal to a neutral position, without impact but permanent overstress. This results in a mitigation of the ‘blockage’ or even in its direct elimination. This manipulation should be carried out by a specially-trained and licensed doctor. Mobilisation techniques, on the other hand, such as slower muscle pulling and release, stretching and others, are normally carried out by a qualified physiotherapist.

Type: Medical
Duration of treatment: 10 minutes
Doctor's prescription: required Where is it available?

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