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Mechanical Lymph Drainage

This treatment is for the alleviation of lymph oedema using a special mechanical lymph massage developed by Dr. Emil Vodder (a biologist from Denmark).  
Symptoms mostly affect the lower extremities where gravitation is the strongest and include: swollen legs, distended pain, cellulite, restless leg syndrome and heavy legs. The treatment involves gentle pumping, circular movements to increase the lymph flow, helping to transport the non-necessary fluids into the blood circulation.
The result is that the swelling decreases, the heavy leg sensation disappears and the person feels lighter and slimmer. It also helps treat cellulite.
During the treatment the lymph drainage applicator is applied to a certain part of the body (arm, leg, and/or belly). The machine pumps up and down, applying an alternating pressure.
Because of hygienic reasons a long sleeved shirt or trousers are advised.
The lymph drainage is prescribed for a maximum of 10 times, the duration of the treatment is between 30-40 minutes. 1-2 treatments a week are recommended.

Type: Medical, Medical wellness Purpose: detoxification, weight loss
Duration of treatment: 20-60 minutes
Doctor's prescription: not needed Where is it available?

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