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Traction therapy is a passive procedure that uses mechanical force to induce stretching of the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, sinews, joint capsules). This pulling force during the traction treatment is either constant and continuous or intermittent. In dry traction, the physiotherapist can position the client (by hand, belts or sand bags) specifically to target and/or isolate the joint or part of the body that needs attention. Mechanical traction is carried out using a bed on which the angle can be adjusted, and a T-bar with weights utilises the effects of gravity. In some places, the treatment is carried out on electronic traction beds. Generally, the procedure lasts 20 minutes and has to be prescribed by a doctor, who specifies the type, intensity and location of the traction.

Type: Medical
Duration of treatment: 10 - 20 minutes
Doctor's prescription: required Where is it available?

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