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Fish Magic

In this 20-minute-long fish pedicure tiny Garra Rufa fish pamper your feet underwater with a micro-massage. The fish delicately remove dead skin cells during the treatment, rejuvenating your feet, which become soft and smooth following the treatment. The fish remove calluses and dead epidermal skin on the soles of the feet through pinching and sucking, which is a much gentler compared to mechanical or chemical methods. During cleaning, the fish inject a special enzyme into the cleansed surface that promotes a rapid regeneration of the skin. The water is sterilised and the water and fish are regularly replaced, ensuring the highest level of hygiene. Fish pedicures pleasantly relax the feet, reducing the feeling of fatigue and making the skin softer. The treatment also has a beneficial effect on eczema, psoriasis, and corns alike. It is also recommended for diseases of the joints, muscle damage, and neurological disorders. However, it is strictly prohibited for any type of viral, fungal, or bacterial disease on the feet, or feet that have open wounds or cuts.

Type: Wellness Purpose: de-stress
Duration of treatment: 20 minutes
Doctor's prescription: not needed Where is it available?

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