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Wellness Mud Pack

The wellness mud pack is an excellent therapy for replenishing lost minerals from the body and cleaning out the pores of the skin. The warm mud is packed directly onto the skin and left for 20 minutes. During the treatment the capillaries enlarge letting in the small particles of mud that are washed away at the end of the treatment with any waste products from the skin. Because of the gentle heat and chemical components of the mud, it is a perfect therapy to combat stress, tiredness and nerve problems. The microelements of the mud also have a peeling effect, which removes dead skin, making it feel smooth and revived afterwards. The wellness mud pack is different to the traditional mud pack (See Packs: Mud Pack) in that the quality of the mud is smoother and it is applied at a lower temperature and a thinner layer.

Type: Wellness Purpose: de-stress, re-energizing, detoxification
Duration of treatment: 20-30 minutes
Doctor's prescription: not needed Where is it available?

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