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ACCESS BARS Head Massage

The ACCESS BARS Head treatment aims to nurture both body and soul. During the treatment, a special technique is applied to 32 points of the head. Each point is believed to have an effect on different aspects of the life (for example, money, control, creativity, sadness, joy, sexuality, ageing, etc). A gentle touch of these points eases the mental, psychic and physical blocks that have accumulated over our lifetime. The treatment itself is pleasant and relaxing and reminiscent of a head massage, except that it isn’t based on traditional massage motions, but rather achieves its effect by touching specified points or so-called “BARS” for just a few seconds. The effects are noticeable during the treatment and by the time you leave, you will be in a perfect physical, mental and spiritually relaxed state. Also after the treatment the mind will feel clearer and more focused. Not only is there a beneficial effect on certain health problems, for example: sleep disorders, weight issues,  but also relationship or financial problems as well. The repetition of the treatment can help you to resolve many life challenges. It is suitable and safe for adults and children alike. If there are any fields in your life which you would like to change, then try this new, effective and unique method.

Type: Wellness Purpose: de-stress, re-energizing
Duration of treatment: 50 minutes
Doctor's prescription: not needed Where is it available?

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