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Lavender Oil Massage

The difference between this treatment and a normal relaxing aromatic massage is that we purposely use essential Lavender oil from the ancient Monastery of Pannonhalma based on an ancient Hungarian recipe. The relaxation effect is generated through special active ingredients in the massage oil and the absorption of the Lavender essences. This treatment uses slow Swedish massage techniques with steady stroking movements of the hand to relieve muscle tension caused by stress. Our Lavender Oil Massage is effective in releasing tension in the joints and tissues, improving muscle flexibility and blood circulation and releasing built up tension. The remaining oil is given to the guest after the treatment for home usage and as a souvenir and memento of Hungary.

Type: Wellness, Medical wellness Purpose: de-stress, re-energizing
Duration of treatment: 20 / 50 minutes
Doctor's prescription: not needed Where is it available?

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