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Edward VII.
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Edward VII.

Edward VII, King of the United Kingdom, was amongst the most powerful men in the world. He ruled the British Empire during the time when it was the biggest industrial and colonial power in the world. He spent a large part of his life outside of his royal duties, as his mother, Queen Victoria, ruled at the time. That is why Edward VII devoted himself especially to travelling. He only began to rule in 1902, in his 60s, and his rule lasted only 9 years. During his reign, many warring conflicts in the colonies, for example in South Africa, were peacefully solved.

King Edward VII was one of the most important guests of Mariánské Lázně. He visited the spa town for the first time in 1897 and after that he became a regular spa guest. Altogether he stayed in the spas 9 times, and during his visits Mariánské Lázně had its biggest boom. The majority of buildings were rebuilt and modernised during this period.

When Edward VII stayed here, Mariánské Lázně became, for several weeks, the centre of the world’s events and the spa town welcomed more and more guests. As Edward VII led in everything that he did, in so doing Mariánské Lázně became a very popular spa location.

Even more, Mariánské Lázně became a place of political negotiations. In 1904, the King met the Austrian emperor Franz Joseph I here, and also during the following years various negotiations between Great Britain and Austria and Bulgaria took place here.

An interesting fact is that Edward VII regularly arrived to Mariánské Lázně without his wife, but during his stays he liked to be surrounded by female company.

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