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Ema Destinnová
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Ema Destinnová

Ema Destinnová, her real name was Emílie Kittlová, was born into a rich Prague family. She inherited her great singing talent from her mother, who abandoned her musical career shortly after her own wedding.

Young Ema, at the age of 20 years, joined the Court Opera in Berlin, where one success followed another. Among her great admires even belonged the German emperor, William I.

She sang on the occasion of the coronation of the British king, George V and Queen Mary in 1911. Her singing and impressive appearance induced such a response that for a moment the whole coronation was thrown into the shade of the performance of Ema Destinnová.

She was a Czech patriot and she refused all offers for marriage from significant personalities. She decided to get married after the end of her career and she wanted to choose her husband from among Czechs.

She did not arrive in Mariánské Lázně for a cure, she only had a performance here. She sang the best-known arias on 3rd August 1904 at the concert in the present day cultural and conference hall Casino.

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