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Johann Strauss
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Johann Strauss

An Austrian composer, Johann Strauss II was born into the family of an important violinist and conductor, Johann Strauss I, and from a very young age he displayed musical talent. In spite of his father, who did not wish his sons to be musicians, young Johann learnt to play the violin and at the age of 19 he founded his own orchestra.

He started to write his own compositions for orchestra, which became very popular. Strauss’s waltzes literally made all of Vienna dance, and this new music and style of dancing soon became popular amongst ordinary people, but also in all the European royal courts.

Johann Strauss, along with his orchestra, travelled throughout the whole world, and his compositions, such as The Blue Danube, Tales from the Vienna Woods, Imperial Waltz and Voices of Spring, were wonderfully received.

Johann Strauss visited Mariánské Lázně in the summer of 1890 and then one more time in 1891. In his honour, the local spa orchestra arranged a concert with his compositions, where Strauss was welcomed as a guest. According to the press, Strauss was boisterously welcomed by the spa audience.

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