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Johann Wolfgang Goethe
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Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Johann Wolfgang Goethe was often called the prince of German poets. He was born on 28th August 1749 in Frankfurt . He studied law in Leipzig and Strasburg and on a request of the young Duke Karl August he moved to Weinmar, from which together with Schiller and Herder he created an important cultural centre. J. W. Goethe was not only devoted to literature, but also to philosophy and modern sciences such as geology and natural science. During his life he wrote a number of important pieces.

He visited Mariánské Lázně only in the fall of his life He visited Mariánské Lázně. for the first time in April 1820, when he only looked through the originating spas and returned back to Karlovy Vary. One year later, in July 1821, Goethe stayed in Mariánské Lázně for the first time. He was delighted by the local mineral springs, nature and society and he spent his time not only on spa procedures but also by studying natural conditions. He wrote a geological and mineralogical study about Mariánské Lázně.

Goethe’s second stay in 1822 was marked especially by young Ulrika von Levetzow, who entirely held the poet’s interest.
J. W. Goethe returned to Mariánské Lázně for the last time in 1823 and even this stay was good for his health.

Many consider the great Goethe to be the Godfather of Mariánské Lázně. The emerging spa town gained a good reputation thanks to Goethe and many people longed to visit Mariánské Lázně to meet the great thinker in person. It soon became the fashion to be cured in this place, which was so good for Goethe’s health.

Goethe himself encouraged the abbot Reitenberger and spa doctors during the building of the spas and he recommended to connect the traditional spa care with modern medical knowledge.

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