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Marienbad cosmetics

The products of MARIENBAD COSMETICS draw their power from the medicinal sources of Mariánské Lázně, where nature has been storing its energy for thousands of years. When processing these products, traditional proven methods of regeneration derived from spa activities were used. At the same time, the requirements of modern cosmetics have also been considered.


Day cream with a light fragrance that will leave your skin feeling velvety soft, as well as brightening and hydrating the skin. Peat extracts together with vitamins restore elasticity and supply the energy needed for its regeneration. Active components contained in the cream protect the skin against stress factors as well as UV radiation. The cream is particularly suitable for sensitive or problematic skin.

Night cream with peat extract activates the process of natural skin regeneration, improves its tone and returns its youth. Minerals together with vitamins revitalise, firm and intensively soften the skin. Active components prevent wrinkling and smooth already-existing wrinkles. The cream is suitable for all kinds of skin.

Light glycerine soap with peat extract, which gently cleans the skin and leaves it smooth and soft. It induces a feeling of relaxation and freshness. Thanks to its antiseptic and anti-itching effects, it is suitable even for very sensitive skin. The soap is non-drying and it has distinctive healing effect.

Peeling soap, thanks to a higher content of peat extract, works gently but effectively. Washing the skin of the whole body creates a massaging effect, which removes toxins and dead cells. At the same time, blood circulation is improved. The soap can also be used for washing the face; it does not dry the skin and significantly increases its elasticity and firmness.


‘PEOLA LOTION’ body milk softens and nourishes the skin and has significant softening effects that assist with its natural regeneration. The composition of the body milk has been formulated based on the knowledge and input of spa care experts. Thanks to the calming effects of marigold natural extracts, the body milk is suitable for application after a day of spa treatments and also for normal skin care.

Peola ENERGY shower gel uses the power of natural healing sources. Thanks to the peat extract it contains, the skin remains pleasantly scented, refreshed and soothed after use. Its active components with healing minerals provide the skin with softness and elasticity. Everyday use of the shower gel brings energy to the whole organism.


The popular series of natural cosmetics MARIENBAD COSMETICS is newly extended with a hydrating face mask, which uses the unique effects of the mineral springs from Mariánské Lázně. It is a very unique composition of mineral water, providing a beneficial hydrating and rejuvenating effect.

The mask was developed with the assistance of many years of experience from balneologists and dermatologists, who have uncovered the significant revitalising effects of the application of specially-modified mineral water on the skin. A cellulose mask with added cotton enables better absorption of minerals so that the beneficial impact to the skin will be greatest. The effect of the mask is increased by usage of the cosmetic creams Peola Vital 75 and Peola Vital 75 night - thanks to these, you can indulge in a complete skin care regimen with cosmetics from MARIENBAD COSMETICS.


This spa bath set will enable you to extend your spa experience for several weeks and indulge yourself in the effects of the natural medicinal sources from Mariánské Lázně, even after returning home. The regenerative Peola Vital Bath has benefits for the whole organism due to the active ingredient of peat extract.


Mineral bath PURE with a specific composition of minerals from Ferdinand Spring has a significant relaxing and regenerative effect. Both products are suitable for a whole-body bath, although it is advisable to combine their effects.



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