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Other natural sources
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Other natural sources

Natural medicinal Maria's gas

Maria's Spring is actually a powerful emission of gas (99.7 % natural CO2). This natural therapeutic gas is applied in the form of gaseous wraps. The procedure is becoming more and more popular as patients not only show lower blood pressure, an improvement in heart activity and improved blood circulation in the lower extremities, but also show a significant improvement in their sexual functions. In addition, this natural medicinal gas is also applied in the form of hypodermic injections as part of the treatment of joint diseases, spine problems and coronary artery disease.

Dry CO2 gas packs are applied to the subcutis in regions around large joints and the spine, and have a strong effect on reducing pain in the back and joints, as well as improving the circulation of the whole region and the faster healing of injuries.

Dry CO2 gas bath, a so-called gas envelope, is a special method which is unique among Czech spas. The dry bath has a direct impact on skin receptors, as it improves circulation in the whole body and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is a very popular method for treating sexual disorders in men, because Maria’s gas stimulates the production of sexual hormones – testosterone and estradiol.

Peloids – bog, peat, mud

Peloids are inorganic and organic materials which are, after certain modifications and heating, used for compresses and wraps. They are typically bog, peat and other types of mud which can be found around springs. The material is stocked in piles, where it oxidises in a certain way. It is then modified and mixed with mineral water and heated with steam. It is used when it reaches a temperature of 40°C for 20 – 30 minutes.

Peat wraps are used for treating locomotive system disorders, gynaecologic illnesses and respiratory system illnesses. A special supplement is a peat vaginal tampon, which is used for curing chronic gynaecologic inflammations and sterility in woman.

Peat-bentonic compresses are also used in Mariánské Lázně. These improve circulation and regeneration processes in the skin and subcutis. Peat compresses are used particularly in cosmetics and for patients for whom peat wraps would signify excessive stress on their heart and veins.

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