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Dr. Benedikt Juris, M.D.
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Dr. Benedikt Juris, M.D.

An interview with Dr. Benedikt Juris

Benedikt Juris, Doctor of Medicine, studied medicine at the Army Medical Academy in Hradec Králové, where he graduated in 1963. He has worked in Mariánské Lázně as a spa doctor since 1973. He has worked at different posts; the longest post he held was as head doctor of the spa hotel Centrální Lázně. Nowadays, as a working pensioner, he works as a free licence doctor in the spa hotel Nové Lázně. He is a specialist in internal medicine and FBLR.



How does the work in the spa hotel Nové Lázně satisfy you?

Nové Lázně is the most complete spa hotel in the Czech Republic. Indeed, in addition to classical hotel services, it also provides natural mineral baths, natural dry-carbonated baths, gas applications, peat wraps and additionally there are three pools and the famous Royal Cabin.

Besides the traditional cures, colon hydrotherapy is also provided in the spa hotel Nové Lázně. Could you explain to the readers what this term means?

Colon hydrotherapy is a procedure very much in demand, especially by foreign spa guests, but also by citizens of this town. Basically it is a cleansing of the large intestine by warm water at 37°C. By washing out the large intestine, the content and deposits on the intestinal walls which accumulate there are removed. We prescribe this procedure for constipation and flatulence, gall bladder and pancreatic disorders, immunity disorders, allergies, etc. Colon hydrotherapy is also a form of prevention against tumours of the large intestine.

Can clients of Nové Lázně expect anything new regarding treatment cures in the upcoming season?

Yes, light therapy will be operating in Nové Lázně starting in May. This is a type of therapy by coloured light. The device produces coloured light, which oscillates at various frequencies according to the type of colour. It affects the brain's sight centre through the eyes and eye nerve, and from this centre the other brain areas and the autonomic nervous system. In total, we have developed programmes for 18 indications, for example, detoxification of the body, depression, asthma bronchiale, and neurasthenia.

Do other specialists have surgeries in Nové Lázně?

Of course. There are regular surgeries by a urologist, sonographer, vein surgeon and cardiologist.

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