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Dr. Marie Micková, M.D.
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Dr. Marie Micková, M.D.

An interview with Dr. Marie Micková

A native of Bavorov who celebrated a significant jubilee this past September, she first passed her 'A levels' in České Budějovice in 1967. Then in 1967, she passed another 'A levels' course in a specialised area – as health laboratory technician. After graduation from the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Plzeň in 1975, she joined the then-Czechoslovakian State Spas in Mariánské Lázně as a family doctor. Following attestations from internal medicine and FBRL, she gradually attained certificates in dietology, acupuncture and locomotive system disorders. Further professional development came from the study of diabetic and oncological problems in the form of active participation in seminars and conventions, as well as co-operation with professional companies. The knowledge she has gained and results achieved in her everyday practice led to her positions as Specialised Guarantor for rehabilitation a. s. (1993), a lecturer at the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague (1998), and a Guarantor of teaching physiotherapy at Charles University in Mariánské Lázně (1999). Since 1985, she has been working as a head doctor in the spa organisation, and at present she is the head doctor of the spa hotel Hvězda.

In our health facilities, we do not have any specific procedures, because we create an individual treatment programme for each patient. We start from the theory that an organ is not ill. So we do not attempt to cure one organ, but the human being as a whole.

Curing with natural sources is placed at the forefront of our treatments.

In my opinion, the best type is gas therapy. This originates from our gas spring which is near the spa hotel Centrální Lázně. It is called Maria's gas, from volcanic origin, and is basically 96 – 98 % carbon dioxide. The gas has predominantly anti-inflammatory and sedative effects, and it supports tissue regeneration. And there is one more effect that is unique and confirmed. Maria's gas stimulates the production of male and female sexual hormones. That is why we successfully use it with women during menopause and with men especially to improve their masculinity after an operation of the prostate gland.

Another natural source which we use is peat. It is a heated procedure (42°C) in the form of a wrap, but also provides minerals and humic acids. As it is highly mineralised, it works not only through heat. It improves circulation, reduces pain, and increases the absorption of subcutaneous infiltrates.

In the spa hotel Hvězda, what special procedures can you offer to your clients?

One of them is Extremiter – a vacuum-compressive therapy. It is actually a device for massage, but with the help of suctioning and over-pressurising, we can also widen the subcutaneous blood vessels and lymphatic vessels. We use this procedure for treating oncological diseases. But we also have good results with diabetics, who have problems with circulation in the lower limbs and swelling. It has been proven that during a 3-week stay the swelling can be reduced by 2-3 centimetres.

We have heard that you offer other interesting procedures to your guests, so-called freely purchased ones. Can you mention some of them?

Yes, I could mention, for example, Vibrosauna. It is a method of alpha massage, when Alpha waves in your brain are stimulated and the whole organism is harmonised.

Another is Vitasalin. It is quite a new method, and has resulted from quantum medicine.
With the help of finely dispersed drops of steam (a solution of Vitasol and water with salts from the Dead Sea) we can affect circulation in the skin, improve breathing, and rejuvenate and harmonise an organism. Both of these methods have one aim – to improve the patient's overall health condition.

Traditionally, massages are among the most popular procedures. Does this apply also to your clients? It is said that you offer one interesting innovation to this.

Classical massages are amongst the most popular procedures also with our patients. We also provide reflective massages and recently Thai massages as well. This is a combination of a classical massage and gentle joint mobilisation. Naturally, besides massages, we also provide a wide range of electro-treatments, magneto-therapy, paraffin wraps, and inhalations, among others. Our guests are provided with a medical emergency service and a nursing service 24 hours a day.

A final world

Some very ill people arrive at our hotel, and their primary wish is to get rid of the pain. We try to do this with the help of natural medicinal sources and our procedures. It is not only prescriptions to drink mineral water. But our complex programme may modify one's diet and lifestyle and thus decrease pain. Of course we cannot work miracles, but we are working on them.

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