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Dr. Pavel Knára, M.D.
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Dr. Pavel Knára, M.D.

An interview with Dr. Pavel Knára

He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Charles University in Plzeň in 1976, and right after graduation began working at Léčebné lázně Mariánské Lázně. He has worked in a number of spa hotels in different posts and now he is a head doctor in the spa hotel Nové Lázně.

In recent years, he has become engaged in an activity which he calls medical marketing. In a number of presentations he has had to inform general public audiences as well as specialised ones about what spas are, what natural medicinal sources are, and how they affect the human organism. He often lectures in Germany and Russia, but has also lectured in England, Ireland and Kazakhstan. During the last five years he has given at least ten lectures on German TV. He has also given presentations on Austrian, Dutch, American and Kazakhstan television. The most well-known newspaper which recently had an interview with him is The Times.

You are a proponent of a natural form of curing. What are the best-known natural sources in Mariánské Lázně?

The best-known natural sources in Mariánské Lázně are mineral water and the natural medicinal Maria's gas. We use mineral water for drinking cures and mineral baths. Mineral water for baths contains more than 2.0 g of natural carbon dioxide per litre, more than 2.0 g of mineral salts per litre and humic acids. The biggest effect on a cure is the presence of natural carbon dioxide. Mary's gas is a natural carbon dioxide gas of volcanic origin used both for dry carbonated baths and for well-known carbon dioxide gas applications.

It is said that the dry-carbonated baths have a very interesting medical effect.

Yes. Natural carbon dioxide is absorbed by the skin and it improves circulation in all organs of the body. We can also say that it improves circulation in the brain, heart, kidneys, and lower limbs, and this procedure has another very interesting effect- it also improves sexual functions.

And what about carbon dioxide gas applications?

For carbon dioxide gas applications, we apply Maria's gas in a thin syringe into the hypodermis. This method has a remarkable effect when curing degenerative disorders of the locomotive system. The carbon dioxide gas application is one of the methods of reflective therapy. We can say, as a simple comparison, that it works in a way similar to acupuncture.

Is the form of cure you prefer suitable for all age groups, or does it have any age limitations?

I don't like to talk about age limitations. Some people feel old when they are fifty, others feel young at eighty. Regarding limitations on curing, a doctor evaluates each patient and then makes a decision based on the patient's health condition.

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