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Dr. Růžena Vaňková, M.D.
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Dr. Růžena Vaňková, M.D.

An interview with Dr. Růžena Vaňková

Růžena Vaňková, Doctor of Medicine, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Moscow, where she also completed a half-year course in acupuncture. She finished her basic postgraduate study in internal medicine and an extended postgraduate study from FBLR. Besides acupuncture, she also has a certificate to perform homeopathy and myoskeletal medicine. She has been working for the spa company for 25 years, 15 years of which have been as a head doctor in the Grandhotel Pacifik.


In addition to classical cures, the Grandhotel Pacifik also offers different short-term programmes to its clients. Who are they designed for?

These 1-2 week-long programmes are suitable for middle-aged and younger clients who cannot take a longer break from work, and at the same time would like to do something beneficial for their heath.

Grandhotel Pacifik is the only one of the Marienbad Kur & Spa Hotels - Léčebné lázně Mariánské Lázně a.s. that also offers a special programme; can you tell our readers a little bit about it?

It is the Shiatsu Wellness programme. It is named after the ancient Japanese whole-body acupuncture massage Shiatsu, by which it is possible to attain overall body harmonisation through applying pressure on acupuncture lines. Within this regime, acupuncture itself is also provided, by which the doctor diagnoses the patient’s illness and by using auriculotherapy he/she is simultaneously able to cure it.

The Shiatsu Wellness programme is apparently not applied separately. Is it accompanied by other procedures?

In addition to the above-stated programme, the client also has peat wraps, classical massages, pearl baths and gas envelopes.

What is the main benefit to a client who participates in a Shiatsu Wellness programme in your spa hotel?

The whole programme is designed so that even clients overloaded by work will again feel full of energy after only one week.

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