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Hawaiian treatments in Maria Spa
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Hawaiian treatments in Maria Spa

The Hawaiian rituals of Tokoriki, Matamanoa and Fiji Dream are now available in Europe, and are very luxurious and exotic treatments for the body or face that produce noticeable effects on the skin and have a significantly relaxing impact on the body and mind.

Massages with warm and cold sea shells are the latest developments. They help produce a healing effect for a focused warm and intuitive energetic massage. An important element of all these therapies is the continuously warmed sea shells and fluent movement which imitate the play of waves on the sea coast. These treatments combine thermotherapy with a relaxing massage. The heat radiated from the sea shells warms the skin, which helps absorb the moisturizing preparations and healing oils, and at the same time relaxes the muscles, allowing the therapist to work deeply on the layers of the tissue. The warming sea shells used in this are Lava Shells and others that combine beautifully with the Pure Fiji coconut oils brought from South East Asia and the Fijian Islands. The Lava Shells are heated to temperatures between 38 – 55°C. Other sea shells used for massages are kept at room temperature and can also be cooled in some treatments.

The warm sea shell massages are excellent for stimulating circulation and the lymphatic system, and have a similar effect to the combination of sauna and massage. The big advantage compared to a sauna is that it concentrates the effect of the warmth on specific parts of the body only, which enhances the effect of the therapy and your comfort.

The Tokoriki & Matamanoa Rituals relax, regenerate and enhance one's energy, and the sea shells also produce a very pleasant aesthetic experience.

Tokoriki Ritual – the cosmetic treatment of the body with warm sea shells.

This luxurious whole-body treatment is a 120-minute application that introduces a client to the treatment, and is combined with a sugar peeling, shower, whole-body massage with warm sea shells, application of coconut butter, sarong pack for the body, and massage of the face with cold sea shells followed by a massage of the scalp.

Matamanoa Ritual – Fiji massage with sea shells
This original whole-body massage uses warm and cold sea shells, a whole-body oil sarong pack, final massage of the shoulders and neck, massage of the face with cold sea shells, and massage of the scalp.
During this treatment, the massage is deeply relaxing and contrasts with the cosmetic treatment Tokoraki, which is thorough and deep due to the warm and cold sea shells.

Fiji Dream (a cosmetic pack in a Hausler water bed)
Fiji Dream is a treatment  with a whole-body dry peeling using a brush which is applied whilst lying on a massage bed. Following this, the client has Fiji nut butter applied to their body and then lies on a Hausler water bed. Following this, the client is treated to an application of exotic oil to the scalp.

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