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Aquarium-Terrarium | Zoo |TV tower | Hullámfürdő themal baths complex | Sport 


The rest of our collection of animals is kept in this unique cellar system from the Middle Ages. These underground tunnels run everywhere under the city. The Zoo was given a section of these tunnels and also the heritage-listed home of the famous Hungarian painter Mihály Munkácsy. This location provides space for three different collections:
10 metres underground, you can wander around aquariums and terrariums that provide homes to boas, pythons, exotic lizards, frogs and fish.
At ground level is the "Courtyard of Animal Wonders", where visitors can meet parrots, Asian small-clawed otters, snappers and even African-spurred tortoises.
Walking through the yard, you can reach the Life at Night House, completed in 2007. If you are brave enough to enter in the dark, you can walk with fruit-eating bats from Africa and meet the loris from Asia, kinkajous from South America or the sugar gliders of Australia.


Address: 7621 Pécs, Munkácsy u. 31.

Tel.: +36-72-532-151




Under the TV tower, one of the symbols of Pécs, hidden in the shade of the forest lies the Zoo. There are mammals and birds - both big and small - dwelling in a 3.5 hectare area, which is very small not only in comparison to other European, but also to Hungarian zoos. It was built in 1960 by volunteers living in the region. You can still find the old cages as a reminder of that time. The new management, however, is more interested in the future of the Zoo. Some new enclosures have departed from the old "bring the animals close to the people" principle of the 1960s, and have spacious areas imitating the animals’ natural environment. With the Zoo’s limited space, the future direction is smaller animals housed in modern enclosures. This can be the basis for our environmental and conservational education.


Address: 7621 Pécs, Munkácsy u. 31.

Tel.: +36-72-532-151



TV tower

The Pécs TV Tower is a television tower in Pécs, Hungary measuring 176 metres, with a publicly-accessible observation deck at a height of 75 metres and a restaurant at 72 metres. The tower was built between 1968 and 1973. There is a dinosaur exhibition at the restaurant level, with two life-size dinosaur mock-ups depicting the once native "Komlosaurus".


Address: Pécs, Misinatető

Tel.: +36-72-336-900

Hullámfürdő themal baths complex
Address: 7623 Pécs, Szendrei J. u. 7
Phone: +36-72/512-935


Lauber Dezső City Sports Hall
7629 Pécs
Veress E. utca 10
Phone: (+0036) 72/312-111

Hullámfürdő thermal baths complex
7623 Pécs
Szendrei J. utca 7
Phone: (+0036)  72/512-935

University Sports Hall - PEAC
7622 Pécs
Sport utca 1
Phone: (+0036) 72/216-659

Ice Rink
7633 Pécs
Veress E. utca 8
Phone: (+0036) 72/254-923

Napraforgó Fitness-Solarium-Sauna
Pécs József A. u.9.

F3 Fitness Center
7621 Pécs
Munkácsy utca 33
Phone: (+0036) 72/517-333

Olympia Fitness
7633 Pécs
Esztergár L. utca 10
Phone: (+0036) 72/257-194

Mecsek Fitness
Ybl Miklós utca 10 (at the Mecsek Department Store)
Phone: (+0036) 72/257-258

MecseXtrém Park
7628 Pécs
(Mecsek Forestry Co.)
Phone: (+0036) 72/244-440
Fax: (+0036) 72/515-927

Paintball Game Pécs
Phone: (+0036) 30/440-8917

Otisz Paintball
Phone: (+0036) 30/420-8595

Király Squash and Aerobic Club
Pécs, Búza tér 6/b (1st floor)
Phone: (+0036) 30/454-3423, (+0036) 72/233-157

Rainbow Children's House
Pécs, Dr. Veress E. utca 6
Phone: (+0036) 72/253-142
Fax: (+0036) 72/253-477

Balance Sport and Health Centre
Pécs, Szőlő utca 48
Phone: (+0036) 72/210-743, (+0036) 30/356-2047

Brill Fitness
Pécs, Dr. Veress E. utca 10
Phone: (+0036) 72/242-326

Pitypang Dance School
Pécs, Bajcsy-Zs. utca 9
(Új Forrás shopping centre, 3rd floor)
Phone: (+0036) 70/422-1649, 30/570-4410

Pulzus Fitness
Pécs, Citrom utca 12
Phone: (+0036) 72/515-658

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