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30. 3. 2015
The renovated pavilion at the Spa Hotel Pro Patria brings three star comfort

 Spa Piešťany has belonged to the leading European spa for more than 100 years for its treatment of musculoskeletal diseases associated with pain of e.g. back or joints, rheumatism and nervous system. The unique natural resources, the healing sulphur mud and the thermal mineral water, are famous thanks to their beneficial effects on human health not only in Slovakia, but also all over the world.

In order to increase the quality of services and satisfaction of guests, the Spa gradually invest in renovation and modernisation of the accommodation facilities.

The extensive reconstruction of the pavilion J at the Spa Hotel Pro Patria** will run from 11th March to 30th June 2015 and only perimeter walls from the original construction will remain. The reconstructed area is 670 m2 of the useful area. In the framework of the reconstruction, the pavilion will receive a completely new layout and furnishings. 

The pavilion J will have three floors with lift and will provide accommodation for guests in a three-star standard. The accommodation capacity of the Spa hotel will be extended by 14 double rooms. 

Since it is a separate pavilion, the reconstruction will not anyhow affect operation of the Spa Hotel Pro Patria**.

During the approval process, as well as during the implementation as such, the Slovak Health Spa Piešťany, Inc. respect all legal requirements, requirements of the building authority, as well as requirements of the Monuments Board in Trnava.

„We believe that the guest will positively response to the modernisation and improving of the quality of accommodation in the Spa Hotel Pro Patria** . Satisfaction of our guests is most important for us. I am very glad that thanks to this investment our guests will be able to better enjoy their stay in the Spa Piešťany and have better comfort.“, said Ing. Viliam Mikuláš, the Financial Director of the Slovak Health Spa Piešťany a.s.

18. 9. 2014
Spa Piešťany has confirmed the high quality of its services

Health Spa Piešťany has successfully passed a certification process of the European Spa Association (ESPA) and has again been awarded the EuropeSpa Med certificate.

Spa Piešťany belongs among the biggest providers of spa services in Europe and in 2014 they decided to undergo a recertification. Experts from ESPA examined more than 1,000 aspects of
quality and safety management, treatment and rest area, medical area, bathing and wellness area, accommodation, catering and cuisine.

Health Spa Piešťany has passed the inspection audit and confirmed the traditionally high level of quality in all hotels and spa houses. The main improvements in quality of the provided services has been achieved mainly thanks to an extensive reconstruction of Danubius Health Spa Balnea and renovation of Danubius Health Spa Pro Patria.

"If this goes on, Spa Piešťany are on the way to become the leaders in quality in Europe", stated Dr. Kurt von Storch,  EuropeSpa chief auditor.

Hans Dieter Bergmann, Director of Sales and Marketing of Health Spa Piešťany: „It moved us closer to our objective to become the leader in the international market."

ESPA was founded in 1995 in Brussels as an umbrella association for national spa associations in Europe and represents the interests of over 1,200 spa cities in Europe.

The ESPA launched the international quality seals EuropeSpa med and EuropeSpa wellness in conjunction with leading experts to boost international transparency and fairness in competition.
Since 2006, common evaluation criteria for obtaining the EuropeSpa Med certificate have been applied on the entire European continent. Individual tourists, tour operators as well as health insurance companies all over the Europe can find all certified spas listed under

Craftsmen at Spa Piešťany

Already for the 6th time the Spa Island hosted ceramists, tinkers, smiths, woodcarvers, basket-makers and other craftsmen, whose skilful hands literally created pieces of art. Around 160 craftsmen from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Sweden, Belgium, Croatia, Macedonia, Hungary, Israel and Slovenia took part at the traditional arts and crafts festival. Visitors could take home hand-woven carpets, giant spoons for goulash, ornaments made from wire, leather or glass, big or small flowerpots, pictures made by decoupage, painted silk scarfs, textile dolls or cups of all shapes, colours and patterns, and many other hand-made goods.
Children could try working in a smith´s workshop or watch falconers in historic costumes. On Sunday, the cultural programme amused the children thanks to the Puppet Theatre Stražanovo. However, the major attraction of this year was a wooden merry-go-round with baskets instead of seats.
Besides numerous stands with refreshments, visitors could also enjoy gingerbread, traditional Wallachian cakes - frgále and garlic toasts baked directly on a hot plate.
The project of Traditional Arts and Crafts in Piešťany has been organised annually by the Civic Association “Tradičné ľudové umelecké remeslá” (Traditional Folk Arts and Crafts) and the Health Spa Piešťany under the auspices of the Slovak Ministry of Economy. The minister, Ing. Tomáš Malatinský, personally attended this beautiful event.
Every year protected workshops, handicapped craftsmen and homes of social services from Slovakia are given their room – such as Zelený dom from Skalica, Merema from Modra and Betánia from Senec. The inhabitants of Zelený dom presented their cultural programme also during the ceremonial opening at Harmony Pavilion where their performance was appraised by huge applause. The folklore programme included also the singing band Kolovrátok from Drahovce and a male group of singers from Heľpa.

Opening Ceremony of the most modern balneotherapy centre in Slovakia

9 million Euro investment, five months efforts of building company and spa personnel, healing and therapeutic processes and procedures reorganised and rearranged to the benefit of the spa guests, and the vast reconstruction of Danubius Health Spa Balnea in Spa Piešťany successfully completed! 

According to the General Director of the Spa, there were several reasons for the reconstruction of balneotherapy after its successful 40-year operation. It was necessary to conform with the guests’ requirements, medical and therapeutic methods as well as the international competition, which has changed over the years.

Two pavilions were completely refurbished, plus the pools in the third pavilion, which was mostly renovated already in 2011. “We reconstructed about 7 thousand square meters, laid approximately 6 thousand square meters of tiles. The wiring, ventilation and air conditioning were replaced completely”, said Ing. Ivan Satina, Technical Director of Slovak Health Spa Piešťany.

“The reconstruction brings much more comfort both for our clients and our staff”, MUDr. Rastislav Gašpar, Medical Director, describing the refurbishment.

Since March 31st 2014, guests visiting Spa Piešťany may enjoy the comfortable and modern treatment areas, providing the most popular and sought-after treatments with natural healing sources – thermal mineral water and sulphur mud.

In order to provide the best care, the thermal pools - the so called Mirror pools - were split to pools with warmer and colder water, and thus patients so far contraindicated due to high temperature of water may also enjoy this treatment. The premises for dry wraps and massages also went through a face-lifting process and look very modern.

Rehabilitation centre received the state-of-the-art rehabilitation machines supporting rehabilitation of knees, arms and joints with rheumatism and post-operative conditions. A small kitchenette and a car were added to ergotherapy to learn and train in everyday activities.

For a better orientation, all doctors´ offices were moved to one location with its own medical reception desk. Full medical personnel is now situated in the balneotherapy centre to ensure a smooth operation and better timing for medical check-ups, which will also decrease the waiting times.

New Danubius Premier Fitness centre covering 300 square meters with own reception is available to the spa guests as well as to the general public. For the convenience of guests, there is also sauna with unique showers and relaxation zone, entrance to the pool and water bicycles and a beauty salon.

Danubius Health Spa Balnea opening ceremony was held on April 9th 2014, with almost 300 guests present, including diplomats and ambassadors and many others from social, industrial and political sphere. Mr. Klaus Pilz, General Director of Health Spa Piešťany expressed its gratitude to Ms. Iris Gibbor, Chairperson of CP Holdings the majority shareholder of Danubius Hotels Group who financed the investment, to architects Messrs. Tursunov and Rajnic, and interior designer Ms. Gina Zarski. Representatives of Energy Technologies handed over a symbolic key to the Danubius Health Spa Balnea to General Director Mr. Klaus Pilz and Mudr. Rastislav Gašpar, Medical Director. Finally they all together officially cut the ribbon.

After showing around all the premises, Spa Piešťany awarded their best business partners with the Business Awards for their achievements in year 2013.

Ján Riapoš, the Chairman of Slovak Paralympics Committee arranged for the surprise of the afternoon when expressing their gratitude to the Spa representatives for long cooperation and their support at the Paralympics in Sochi, where they won 7 medals.

The highlight of the after-party was Ambassador Band, an exclusive music band of ambassadors and their friends, who entertained the guests with great rock ‘n roll music. His Excellency, the Ambassador of the USA to Slovakia Theodore Sedgwick played the keyboards, Romania chargé d’affaires Florin Vodita and Israeli diplomat Gad Amir played guitars and sang. Grigorij Mesežnikov, the famous political sciences expert, played acoustic guitar, and Shar Saadon, the analyst, played bass guitar. Klaus Pilz, General Director of Spa Piešťany, sat behind the drums for a short moment, replacing the Mayor of Banská Bystrica Peter Gogola.

The guests welcome the improvements with enthusiasm. „Danubius Health Spa Balnea is the nicest, most modern and surely a balneotherapy and rehabilitation centre of the highest quality in Central Europe”, expressed Klaus Pilz, General Director and added that his vision of the spa´s future is in healing rheumatism, active rehabilitation services but also in preventive care.

19. 3. 2014
Spa Piešťany to honour Paralympic medallists from Sochi!

On Monday, March 17, 2014, the Slovak Paralympic team returned from the 11th Paralympic Games in Sochi. Our representatives won seven medals in total, including three gold, two silver and two bronze. Slovakia finished in an impressive sixth place in final medal table.

As chairman of the Slovak Paralympic Committee, Jan Riapoš, said in his speech that he felt these games were one of the most difficult games in history, especially due to the terrorist threats and unstable geopolitical situation. In Bratislava,  the sportsmen and sportswomen were welcomed home by their long-term official partner “Slovenské liečebné kúpele Piešťany” (Spa Piešťany), which duly presented the medal-winners with vouchers for seven-day recuperative stays at spa hotels belonging to the Danubius Health Spa Resort, including the five-star Thermia Palace and four-star Balnea Esplanade Palace. For several years now, the members of the Paralympic team have used the spa’s treatment and rehabilitation facilities to prepare themselves for competition.

In 2012, the Paralympic Walk of Fame was officially unveiled on the Spa Island.  This year, a plaque will be added to honour our most successful sportswoman in Sochi, the visually impaired skier Henrieta Farkašová who, with her guide Natália Šubertova, won two gold medals and a bronze. There will also be plaques to pay tribute to gold and silver medallist Jakub Krako and his guide Martin Motyka, the silver medal-winning downhill skier Miroslav Haraus and his guide Maroš Hudík, and  Petra Smaržová, who won bronze in the slalom.

Spa Piešťany is proud partner of the Slovak Paralympic team. The Walk of Fame in the Spa Park should remind all visitors of the memorable victories achieved by our athletes with disabilities, as well as the hard training, tenacity and strength they required to overcome obstacles and to successfully represent their country on the world stage.

Let’s go for a walk and learn all about the triumphs of our Paralympians!

28. 2. 2014
World famous dance show in Spa Piešťany

During its world tour, the world famous dance competition Dance Star also stopped off at the Spa Piešťany convention centre on March 15, 2014. Dances were held in various categories, such as ballet, folk, acrobatic, performing and contemporary dance, and the dancers fought not only for the favour of the jury, but also for valuable prizes. 

Dance Star is a competition where dance schools from various countries vie to qualify for the big world finals World Dance Masters 2014, which will this year be held in Poreč, Croatia during the last weekend of May.

In the dance world, this competition is something similar to Superstar, but is also highly regarded by professionals as its rules adhere to European Dance Union standards (ESDU) and the members of the jury are professional choreographers, producers or international dancers. 

Dance Star Slovakia 2014 also featured a special gala show, “The Night of Dance”, where the best dancers performed for spa guests and the general public. During this ceremonial evening, a person from the audience was chosen to become a member of the jury. The evening’s special guest was famous Austrian singer Markus Neugebauer. 

The standard was very strong, as all dance groups reserved their best choreographed routines for the competition. In the end it was Phantom’s Crew who amazing on-stage energy impressed the jury and audience the most, as they performed to the beats of the famous song “Who Let the Dogs Out!” For first place in the dance competition they received a prize of 1,000 Euros from the event sponsor, Mr. Maik Schröder, general importer of Krombacher beer. Second place went to the NOVUM dance club, who received a voucher from Spa Piešťany for a night’s stay in the 5-star hotel Thermia Palace. A young contortionist from the club Ballet HGH, who came third, will enjoy a spa stay at Taste of Piešťany. A special 100-Euro prize was awarded to two children’s dance ensembles.

The successful evening showcased the best young talents and at the same time showed appreciation for their hard work and great love for movement and dance! There’s nothing left to do but for us to cross our fingers for those competing in the world finals and to look forward to next year’s Dance Star Slovakia in 2015.

17. 02. 2014
Construction works are making rapid progress.

Reconstruction of Danubius Health Spa Balnea at Health Spa Piešťany is progressing as originally planned. Management of Health Spa Piešťany confirmed that the most modern balneotherapy centre in central Europe will be opened in time at the beginning of April 2014.

Since 1 November 2013, the mud department, mirror pool and rehabilitation centre of Danubius Health Spa Balnea at Spa Piešťany undergoes an extensive reconstruction. The reconstruction will cost approximately 9 million EUR, which makes it the biggest investment of Health Spa Piešťany in the last 8 years.

The Technical department director Mr Ivan Satina is convinced that the reconstruction will be finished in time at the end of March 2014. “We are progressing as planned at the moment and thanks to the good weather some construction works were finished earlier than planned," he says with satisfaction. Together with the architects Mr Tursunov and Mr Rajnic and the project manager Mr Liška, Mr Satina keeps an eye on the compliance with the plans. In the meantime, the designer Mrs Gina Zarski fine-tunes the interior design plan.

The medical director of Spa Piešťany Mr Rastislav Gašpar together with his 250-strong team eagerly awaits the opening of the centre. One of the challenges is to move the doctors to their new premises in the Danubius Health Spa Balnea. Due to the reconstruction and increase of capacities, the workflows have to be re-defined. The medical director is particularly pleased that the thermal water pools will be split into sections with hot water and cooler water. Patients, who could not use the mirror pool due to the high temperature of water, can be now successfully treated. The rehabilitation centre will use the most advanced medical methods, including a small kitchen and a car, for the rehabilitating patients to practise and improve everyday life skills. The advanced rehabilitation equipment supports the rehabilitation of knees, shoulders and joints in rheumatic disorders and in post-operative patients.

According to Mr Gašpar, new application programmes will be implemented, so that also medical preventive care is included in the offer: the radial shock wave therapy helps patients with pain to restore their mobility; the vacuum compression therapy is used especially to improve the blood circulation, to strengthen the muscle tissue and relieve leg pain.
The area of the fitness centre will increase to 300 m2 with indoor swimming pool and its own rehabilitation pool and sauna. Changing rooms for ambulant guests will be built in this area in the future.

Join us in our excitement about the opening and operation of the most modern spa centre in Slovakia as of April 2014.

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7. Thermia Palace, Slovakia

The Art Nouveau Thermia Palace in Piešťany, Slovakia, has for over 100 years welcomed anyone from kings, sheiks and czars, all wanting to experience the sulfur-rich thermal mineral waters and healing mud sources on the spa island.

The 20-strong medical staff in Piešťany focus on wellness and weight loss, aiming to become once again Europe's top medical spa.

Its one-week slimming spa stay program includes a doctor consultation and health examinations including metabolic functioning, nutrition planning, fitness training and a wide assortment of doctor-prescribed therapies (up to 30 a week), such as hydromassages and medical massages to increase blood circulation.

Guests can have a sulfur mud bath under the stained-glass windows to target specific problem areas.

The slimming program focuses not only on diet and fitness, but also on preventing damage to joints and to the body. Natural springs have been proven to aid in diseases such as rheumatism, and also give incredible energy and strength to anyone coming to kickoff a fitness lifestyle.

"With the pharmaceutical industry, it's not well-known if the treatments will last, or what kind of long-term damage is being done," says CEO Klaus Pilz, who says their programs are so effective that over 50% of repeat guests visit at least once a year. "As a medical spa, the only side effects of our treatments are sore muscles after a massage."

9. 10. 2013
Danubius Health Spa Balnea refurbished to new splendour!

After 40 years of successful operation, the mud department, mirror pool and rehabilitation centre of the Danubius Health Spa Balnea in Health Spa Piešťany will undergo an extensive renovation.
As in our previous projects, the well-known Austrian designer Gina Zarski will be in charge of the interior design. The realisation projects come from the workshop of the architect Christo Tursunov, who was also the author of the original design in the late 1970s.
The renovation will cost around EUR 9 million and will start on 1 November 2013. A novelty of the renovation will be the premises for doctors’ offices; they will start moving to their new premises directly in the Danubius Health Spa Balnea from the end of March 2014. The renovation will extend the capacity of the mud department and the mirror pool.  
Because many of our patients are contraindicated to warm water in the mirror pool, after the renovation the pools will be divided into pools with warmer and colder water.  
The rehabilitation centre will be built in accordance with the most up-to-date standards of medical care, including a kitchen unit and a stationary automobile, where the patients of the rehabilitation department will have the possibility to perform their normal everyday activities.
The fitness centre will be extended by 300 m2, and a new indoor swimming pool with hydrotherapy pool and saunas will be installed. In the future, the centre's own changing rooms located in these areas will be available for our guests. The pools for gymnastics in water will also undergo renovation and this section will be extended with a Kneipp stepping bath.
Together with us, you can start looking forward to the opening of the most modern balneological centre in Slovakia in April 2014.

5. 8. 2013
Visit by Mrs. Iris Gibbor and Mr. Alexei Schreier

The daughter of the late Sir Bernard Schreier, Mrs Iris Gibbor, having taken the chair of CP Holdings Ltd & the Danubius Hotels Group, and his grandson, Mr Alexei Schreier, visited their major investment in Slovakia, Health Spa Piešťany and Smrdaky. During their visit they were very impressed with the progress of both spas.
"The group has invested more than EUR 60 M in Slovakia over the last 11 years, not including the purchase cost of SLKP, a.s. We are convinced the future of this company looks bright and we have no intention of lessening our efforts to further develop the spas. We will continue in our strategy and our investments." said Mrs Iris Gibbor.
"My grandfather always considered Spa Piešťany as one of the crown jewels of his properties. We have seen a steady increase of guests and revenues over the last couple of years following our investments. Notwithstanding the false accusations and statements concerning the current state of Spa Piešťany, we trust that the legislation of Slovakia will protect the efforts of the 2nd largest British investment into this country." stated Mr Alexei Schreier, joint CEO, CP Holdings Ltd.
In relation to recent comments made in the press, Mr Schreier said "On a personal note I think it is particularly sad that individuals should decide, so soon after the passing of my grandfather, to make such misleading and libelous comments about a man who was a true visionary and friend of Piešťany and Slovakia. It shows a lack of respect and is simply a primitive attempt to malign the family and the company."

3. 8. 2013
Renewed Balneotherapy - Pro Patria offers extended treatments.

The spa treatment is a more than 200-year-old tradition in Piešťany, and is based on the exploitation of thermal mineral water and unique sulphur mud together with many years of treating patients and the extensive  knowledge of medical personnel concerning rheumatism and locomotive disorders. At the present time, they offer more than 60 types of medical procedures, among which the most favoured are the thermal mineral bath (mirror pool) and mud bath (mud pool). Health Spa Piešťany continues to invest into the renovation and modernisation of its premises to improve procedures and raise the quality of services and guest satisfaction.
In the period from 1 May to 31 July,  balneotherapy reconstruction works took place in Spa Hotel Pro Patria**. Building alterations, modifications of the water and electricity fittings, renovation of wall tiles and flooring, plastering, and installation of roof windows with electric control required a total investment of EUR 369,000.
The most important element of the project was the modification of the mirror pool from its original design for both genders to separated parts for men and women, which was realised by the installation of a glass wall. The premises got a fresh image with the help of a new wall tile design and flooring with a slip-resistance surface.
The mud pool got a new look thanks to plastering and the whole area illuminated with the installation of new roof windows in the cupola. Stainless steel handrails were installed to secure a safer entry and the movement of guests. New showers were joined to the mud pool for both men and women, and a new space was created for a treatment called "peloidokineziotherapy" -  specialised hand exercises in healing mud.
Renovation and wall plastering were realised in a traditional mud kitchen and an innovative distribution of healing mud was provided in the mud pack section for both men's and women's sides. An interesting fact is that the mud kitchen in Balneotherapy Pro Patria has operated on the basis of original and well-established technological methods since 1916, and these principles have remained unchanged during its reconstruction as well.
A complete modification of the water distribution system was made in the bathtub ward and new massage bathtubs were installed, which extended the treatments offered. The Health Spa Piešťany visitors can now use the hydromassage, underwater jet massage and a whirlpool also in Balneotherapy Pro Patria.
“We believe that the modernisation and improved quality of services in Balneotherapy Pro Patria will get a positive response from guests, contribute to their overall satisfaction and have a favourable effect on the success of the treatment“, said Soňa Zábranská, the manager of Spa Policlinics.
The opening ceremony with a site tour of the reconstructed facility and accompanying program at VIVO terrace will take place on Wednesday, 14 August 2013.

Did you know what a mirror pool is?
It is the name given to a pool with thermal water in Spa Piešťany that reflects such a clear image that it feels like looking into a mirror. On the other side, the mud pool contains thermal grey-coloured water coming out of the mud at its bottom. Bathing in pools and especially in the mud pool, characterised by its slimy consistence of mud, evokes indescribably pleasant feelings besides having healing effects.

  More photos >>>

7. 2. 2013
Spa Piešťany has confirmed the high quality of its services

The European Spas Association (ESPA) represents the interests of over 1,200 spa cities in Europe. The European mark of quality in the spa industry is particularly important for better orientation of foreign clients, because different requirements on hygiene, safety and infrastructure exist in every country. Since 2006, common evaluation criteria for obtaining the EuropeSpa Med certificate have been applied on the entire European continent.
Spa Piešťany belongs among the biggest providers of spa services in Europe, and in 2011 they decided to undergo an extensive inspection. Experts from ESPA examined more than 1,000 aspects of catering, accommodation, spa treatments, swimming pools, human resources and management. It turned out that the Hotel Thermia Palace is one of the best European spa service providers.
On 7 February 2013, Spa Piešťany passed an inspection audit during which the ESPA auditors again recorded an improvement in the quality of the provided services. Spa Piešťany again confirmed their traditionally high level of quality and good employee morale. "If this goes on, Spa Piešťany are on the way to become the leaders in quality in Europe", stated Dr. Kurt von Storch,  EuropeSpa chief auditor.
Mrs. Urbanková, Quality Manager of the Spa Piešťany: "The EuropeSpa audit is one of the most detailed tests of quality in which I have participated in so far. It moved us closer to our objective to become the leader in the international market."

14. 1. 2013
Spa Piešťany invests in comfort

Spa Piešťany constantly cares for the comfort and satisfaction of its clients. In autumn last year, Spa Piešťany increased the comfort of its accommodation for clients of the Hotel Balnea Palace. Reconstruction and modernisation of the rooms in Balnea Palace started on 28 October and lasted until 14 December 2012. New air conditioners were installed in all rooms, which will increase the comfort of the clients during their stay over the whole year. The planned investment is worth approximately EUR 700,000.
Hans Dieter Bergmann, the Sales & Marketing Director of the Health Spa Piešťany: "The satisfaction of our clients is the top priority for us. I am very happy that thanks to this investment our clients can enjoy their stay in Spa Piešťany even more and afford greater comfort."

1. 1. 2013
Spa Piešťany in figures

In 2012, the number of visitors to Slovak Health Spa, Inc. reached approximately 45,000, and the total number of nights increased to 480,000. Compared to 2011, in 2012 we recorded an increase. Our guests were mostly from the Slovak Republic (up to 41%, out of which 21% visited through health insurance companies), Germany, Israel, Arabic countries, the Czech Republic, Russia, Austria and Poland. The average length of stay at SLKP was 10.5 nights in 2012. The total number of beds in Spa Piešťany is 1,111.

15. 12. 2012
Spa Piešťany launches its own cosmetic brand

Spa Piešťany is the first Slovak Spa ever to develop an original line of cosmetics, called Sulthera, and launch it on the market. The soap, body lotion and creams all utilise positive effects of the world-famous Piešťany mud and water.
Its fundamental component is the most effective part of the mud – sulphur. The cosmetic product line Sulthera is intended for adults, women and men and also for all skin types. The optimum concentration of minerals supported by the therapeutic effects of sulphur has a beneficial effect on the skin and increases its resistance to inflammation and negative external influences.
The Sulthera cosmetics line consists of a day and night cream, soap and body lotion. Creams are suitable for all types of skin. Their unique formulation has an intensive regenerative effect; it penetrates deep into the skin, has a soothing effect and prevents wrinkles.
Sulthera body lotion is designed to provide perfect skin regeneration after spa treatment, especially if clients have dry skin. "With regular skin care using body lotion, it is possible to achieve a significant improvement in the skin, its softness and elasticity," says Ms. Zábranská, Spa Manager.
The luxurious natural soap Sulthera also retains all therapeutic effects of the Piešťany sulphur mud. The rich sulphurous content stimulates the skin, considerably reduces inflammation of the skin, does not dry it out and has a healing effect.
Prospective buyers can buy Sulthera products at all spa and hotel receptions at Spa Island.

Health Spa Piešťany attains a European certificate

Health Spa Piešťany has successfully passed the certification process of the European Spa Association (ESPA) and has been awarded the EUROPESPA-med Quality Certificate. During their evaluation in June this year, the ESPA experts focused on the quality of delivered services.
They assessed all balneo centres of the Spa – Irma, Pro Patria, Napoleon’s Spa and Balnea Health Spa. They looked closely at treatments – their provision and scheduling, diagnosis, qualification and education of the doctors and other healthcare personnel, equipment and standards of healthcare facilities, safety, hygiene and risk management. In addition, they also evaluated all of the spa's hotels as well as satisfaction of the guests and staff.
During the certification audit, ESPA poses several hundred questions and tries to find the answers to them.

The certificate is awarded only to facilities which meet at least 80% of the requirements. The EUROPESPA-med Certificate is valid until 2014.
“We are very happy to be awarded a quality certificate by the European Spa Association. It will help maintain the quality of delivered services at a professional level and, at the same time, will enable us to join the internationally-acclaimed spas of Europe,” Klaus Pilz, Director General of Spa Piešťany, said at the occasion of being awarded the certificate.

Health Spa Piešťany sees the certification as an achievement of the highest European standards, as well as another step towards successful negotiations with health care insurance companies abroad.

Antique statues

First and foremost, we would like to express our gratitude to VÚB Banka for their great idea and for the opportunity to participate in such a competition. At the same time, we would like to thank all the voters – our partners, travel agencies, suppliers, employees, clients, journalists, chambers of commerce, Paralympics competitors, the Veteran Car Club, the Museum of Piešťany, the members of the Rotary Club and all people we addressed or who were interested in the project via social networks or the media. We are honoured and proud that the amount of EUR 50,000 will be used to reconstruct the Antiquity statues, and thus make Spa Island even more beautiful.

The spa gets ready for World Arthritis Day 

World Arthritis Day will be commemorated on 12 October, and is dedicated to people with disorders of the locomotive system. Its aim is to draw attention to these diseases and to the situation of people suffering from rheumatism within society. And let’s be honest, who has no problems with joints or spine nowadays?
Spa Piešťany have prepared a rich programme for the broader public for the day. You can learn more about rheumatic diseases and their treatment in Spa Piešťany. You can hear valuable information at medical lectures by spa doctors, to start at 13:00 in the café of Balnea Esplanade Palace Hotel on Spa Island. They will talk about rheumatic disease in children, osteoarthritis and the possibilities of spa treatments for rheumatic diagnoses. The lectures will be given by the spa doctors Dr. Oľga Boldišová, M.D., Dr. Pavel Makovník, M.D., and Dr. Daniela Richvalská, M.D., who will be ready to answer all your questions. You will be able to hear a lot of tips and recommendations on how to fight against rheumatism.
In addition, you will have a chance to try out the unique spa treatments for yourself, such as mud packs, the mirror pool or some of the massages with a 50% discount, and stays with a 20% discount will be on sale only on this particular day. In case you do not feel like bathing in the thermal water or lying in the healing mud, you can go for a tour of the Balneo Centre at 15:00.
During your visit you will get a free entry to the Balneology Museum in Piešťany with interesting exhibits, picturing the life in the spa and the town in past centuries, displaying a mammoth’s tusk or the statue of the Moravian Venus, more than 22 thousand years old.
More medical and exhibition stands of Spa Piešťany will be available to everyone interested on 12 October in Aupark in Bratislava and Žilina.

  • Spa Piešťany has prepared a special offer valid in October and November for the “B class” clients of Slovak health insurance companies interested in spa treatments with contributions.
More info available at telephone number 033 775 2533.

Spa Piešťany has opened a helicopter airfield

Spa Piešťany has now become a place where helicopters can land. “We will allow landing for emergency services as well as landing for private purposes,” the Head of Crises Management and Protection Centre of SLKP, Dušan Bugan, explains. “It will make rescuing operations easier, for instance, if someone is drowning in the River Váh or injured near the island, it will allow for the transport of clients who are in life-threatening danger, the landing of VIP clients, observatory flights for our clients and many other possibilities for the use of helicopters,” Bugan adds.
The place currently marked as the airfield is part of the driving range of the golf course at the end of Spa Island. Before the space was approved for helicopter landing, the Spa consulted with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Slovak Republic, which had to assess and approve the chosen spot.
The spa installed a wind indicator near the airfield, marked to comply with the legislation governing such landing places.

New Financial Director of Spa Piešťany

After 38 years as Financial Director of the Health Spa Piešťany,  Emanuel Paulech will give his office over to his current deputy,  Viliam Mikuláš who will start his new position from 1 October 2011, pursuant to the decision of the SLKP Board of Directors adopted during its regular meeting on 23 June.

Mr. Viliam Mikuláš is 33 years old and comes from Žilina. He studied at the Faculty of Business Management of the University of Economics in Bratislava. Previously he worked as an auditor for the renowned auditing company KPMG not only in Slovakia, but also in Ireland. He gained his most recent expertise as Financial Manager of Arnet Technologies Solutions in Bratislava.
He sees his new office of Financial Director as a professional challenge, an opportunity to put his abilities into practice, and will also enjoy working for an internationally-distinguished and varied company such as SLKP, which it no doubt represents on the market. He would like to contribute to the balanced financial management of the Spa and continue the well-established practices of legal auditing, taxes and all other tasks and activities of the Financial Department.
In his free time, he likes to go hiking and play squash and tennis.

A very successful ISO recertifying audit of the Spa

Between 15-16 June, Health Spa Piešťany underwent a recertifying audit, which assessed the Spa pursuant to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard. The audit was carried out by SGS Slovakia. It focused on an assessment of all processes within the quality management system, such as: corporate strategy and management; business, operational, treatment and spa activities; technical services; information technologies; human resources; spa security and legal services as well as risk management. Spa Piešťany fulfilled all requirements of the standard in full. Auditors concluded that the quality management system is well established in the Spa and results in a constant enhancement of the delivered services. The certificate awarded to the Spa by SGS Slovakia is valid for the period of the next three years.
During the audit, the Quality and ISO Department worked as a contact point, responsible for managing all activities related to the creation, implementation and improvement of the quality management system of the Health Spa Piešťany, in addition to other tasks.

Opening of the summer spa season 2011 full of sun and old timers

During the weekend, the 20th opening ceremony of the summer spa season was celebrated by Spa Piešťany. The opening ceremony is usually organised every year at the beginning of June. The main cultural programme was launched on Saturday, 4 June on Spa Island by a blessing of the healing thermal water springs by a Catholic as well as an Evangelical parish priest. The annual ritual of blessing was held in the presence of Klaus Pilz, the Director General of the Slovak Health Spa Piešťany, Remo Cicutto, the Mayor of Piešťany, Ivan Gašparovič, the President of the Slovak Republic, ambassadors, partners and invited guests of the Spa in the Harmony Pavilion. The opening ceremony was followed by a parade, which set out at 10:30 from the Social Centre in the direction of Spa House Irma, across the Glass Bridge to the House of Arts, where during the ceremony the spa season was officially opened by Slovak President Ivan Gašparovič. After the opening, close to 200 VIP guests attended the splendid banquet, which the Spa prepared for the invited guests in the Hotel Balnea Palace.
The opening of the summer spa season in the first weekend of June also included the spectacular Piešťany Golden Ribbons – Concours d´Élégance event, organized by Spa Piešťany together with Ján Horňák, the owner of the museum of old time cars. Lovers of old timers appeared first on a promotion tour through Spa Island on Thursday, 3 June. On Friday, the old timers started the race on the route Piešťany – Vrbové - Senica – Spa Smrdáky and back. The event culminated on Saturday evening in front of the 99-year-old Art Nouveau hotel Thermia Palace with a presentation of the most beautiful old timers, with more than 50 crews from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Canada. During the presentation, the guests had a chance to see a Rolls Royce, a racing MG or a rarity – the car Holley, constructed in 1896. The programme was livened up with a performance by the violin trio G-Strinx and a magnificent fireworks display at the end.

The 95th Anniversary Celebration of the Hotel Pro Patria

95 years ago, on 30 May 1916, one of the oldest buildings in Piešťany – Hotel Pro Patria – was opened in the presence of the archduke Franz Salvator von Habsburg and Louis Winter – the founder of Spa Piešťany. On 27 May, Spa Piešťany commemorated this event by organising a spectacular celebration in the presence of Austrian, Finnish, Serbian, Indonesian, Iraqi, Bulgarian and Egyptian ambassadors, partner travel agencies from Slovakia, Poland and Germany, the President of the Red Cross and employees who have worked in Pro Patria for more than 40 years.
The director of the Hotel Pro Patria, Mrs. Alexandra Lisá, who has managed the hotel for 7 years, together with her employees, prepared an unforgettable experience for the guests. In addition to the speech of the Director General of Spa Piestany, Mr. Klaus Pilz, and a concert of the chamber wind orchestra playing the Viennese waltz, a tasting of an anniversary cake baked especially for this occasion was also organised.
The atmosphere was completed by an exhibit of photographs from the time of the hotel opening, prepared by the Balneological Museum, as well as by an infantry trolley used nearly one hundred years ago for the transportation of patients, or a hotel bellboy dressed in the uniform of the 1920s.
During the celebration, a screening of unique historical images from the opening of the hotel in 1916 in the Franz Jozef Café was also performed and a formal reception for invited guests in the hotel's Sissi Restaurant was organised.
An attraction for the visitors of the spa hotels as well as the city residents was prepared in the Kantína, where they had a chance to taste the original draught yeasty beer for only 95 cents and home-baked pretzels. In addition to the hotel guests, more than one hundred people did not miss the opportunity to take part in this event.
You can watch the film form 1916 right HERE

TTG Brochure - Paradise for Body and Soul

Russian ice hockey stars in healing mud

Following visits by members of the Slovak national football team, gold medal-winning biathlete Anastasiya Kuzmina, the world champion in windsurfing Patrik Pollák, and the winners of the Paralympics, the Russian ice hockey “Dream Team” also visited Spa Piešťany. The Russian players decided to spend their day off during the IIHF World Championship relaxing in the largest spa in Slovakia. They experienced the healing power of sulphur mud and thermal mineral water, refreshing both their bodies and souls. Besides the spa procedures, the biggest stars from the NHL and the KHL such as Ilya Kovalchuk, Maxim Afinogenov, and the coach Vyacheslav Bykov as well as the whole team also had a chance to play baseball and practise their golf swings at the driving range on Spa Island. At the end of a relaxing day they were given a barbecue on the terrace of the Thermia Palace Hotel, built in Art Nouveau style. We believe they left the spa rested and refreshed for the next match and will come back again in the future.

News on treatments for rheumatic disorders

In April, Health Spa Piešťany and the Slovak Medical and Rheumatology Association organised the 7th Spring Congress with the main topic of biological therapy of inflammatory rheumatic diseases and ochronosis – a pathological discoloration of the tissue that mostly affects bones. The topics, which concerns Spa Piešťany, as patients with locomotive disorders are treated there, were discussed by more than two hundred doctors from Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The speakers lectured about problems related to movement capacity, pain, vaccinations and the side effects of treatments, included Prof. Nick Sireau from Cambridge, the chairman of a society dealing with ochronosis research, as well as Prof. Bjon Pilström, an immunologist from Stockholm, Sweden.

Every year, Prof. Jozef Rovenský from the National Research Institute of Rheumatology Disorders, a close partner of Spa Piešťany in treatment and research, is the chief mentor of such rheumatology conferences.

Lectures were also attended by the spa physicians, whose specialisations in rheumatology, balneology, physiatry and rehabilitation, and whose work with clients suffering from locomotive disorders challenges them to never stop studying.

“We attend the seminars in compliance with the Act on the post-graduation education of doctors. Participation, however, is necessary also from a professional point of view, because the seminar presents new treatments for rheumatic disorders,” commented Pavel Makovník, Chief Physician of Health Spa Piešťany.

This year, a two-day seminar was dedicated to Štefan Siťaj on the occasion of the one hundredth anniversary of his birth. Professor Štefan Siťaj was an internationally-acknowledged rheumatologist who, in addition to numerous scientific publications, contributed to the establishment of the Research Institute of Rheumatic Disorders in Piešťany. He was the father of Dr. Oľga Boldišová, who has been working in Health Spa Piešťany since 1996.

Our hearts beat for children
Children - one of the target groups at Health Spa Piešťany 

Nearly everyone has known spine or joint problems. It is not at all pleasant. Your body hurts in various places and nothing will make it stop. But only a few would think that these difficulties can also affect small children – and even quite often!

Spa Piešťany, specialising in the treatment of locomotive system disorders and rheumatism, has begun to deal with the problem. Besides comprehensive treatments for adults, we now offer an outpatient form of a spa stay not only for teenagers, but also for smaller children.

The idea to continue the tradition of child treatments was initiated by the Spa Piešťany Director, Klaus Pilz, together with the Head Doctor, Dr. Oľga Boldišová, M.D., and Soňa Zábranská, Head of the Spa Treatment Department. Dr. Boldišová literally put her heart in the project, as paediatric patients have been the focus of her 25-year-long practice.

The rehabilitation of children is significantly different than for adults. A child’s organism is still developing and it needs to memorise the patterns of movement correctly. Special rehabilitation methods can re-teach incorrect patterns caused by a disease or development disorder. Outpatient treatments are dedicated to children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis, innate orthopaedic disorders, scoliosis, osteochondrosis, Scheuermann´s disease and neurological disorders. They are designed to help the overall improvement of a child’s health as well as his or her abilities to move after surgery. At the same time, outpatient treatments may serve as a type of prevention in order to improve body posture, prevent consequent spine disorders and locomotive disorders in children. Preventive rehabilitation and the correct physical therapy for children are known to reduce or prevent the occurrence of all of these unpleasant diseases.

“Children require special attention. Therefore, it was necessary to harmonise the capacities of individual treatments and procedures so as not to collide with adult therapies,” says Soňa Zábranská, Head of the Spa Treatment Department. The most important thing was to choose therapists with high qualifications and an ability to work with children and their parents. A spa stay with an individually-prepared treatment programme making use of thermal water, medical examinations and special rehabilitations has been offered since last summer. Children from 3 to 15 years of age have to be accompanied by an adult during the spa stay.

More information: +421 - 033 - 775 7110,

The world-famous Alexandrov Ensemble performed on Spa Island

In the last week of October, the Cultural Centre hosted nearly one hundred members of the popular song and dance ensemble from Russia – the Alexandrov Ensemble, who were invited to perform in Piešťany by the Director General of SLKP, Klaus Pilz. As soon as the concert was made public, the tickets to this special event immediately sold out. More than four hundred guests came to see the excellent singers and dancers and they definitely had nothing to regret. Besides the majestic choir, who sang Russian folk songs as well as a few well-known Slovak ones such as “Macejko” and “Na Kráľovej Holi”, the wonderful atmosphere was also created by male and female dancers. Guests left the Cultural Centre after the concert with tears in their eyes and could not talk about anything else but the Alexandrov Ensemble. After their admirable performance, dancers and singers relaxed in the Balnea Grand Splendid Hotel, where, despite their short stay, they enjoyed the treatments and calming ambient of Spa Island.

Olympic champion Nasťa Kuzminová visits Spa Piešťany for rejuvenation

The Olympic champion Anastasiya Kuzminová arrived after a demanding season to relax in the Hotel Thermia Palace. Spa Piešťany donated the stay to Nasťa, as she is familiarly called. The idea to donate a spa regeneration visit to the Olympic champion came from the Sales and Marketing Director, Mr. Hans Dieter Bergmann. The one-week stay in the first Slovak 5-star hotel was spent by our most successful biathlete together with her husband Daniel, three-year-old son Jelisej and her parents, who, according to her, are the biggest support in her life. During her stay in the Hotel Thermia Palace, the staff, led by the manager Josef Provázka, took care of her and her family. Nasťa enjoyed tranquillity and treatment procedures the most - healing sulphurous mud and underwater massage. She also loved to be at Spa Island, where everything was at hand.

Soon after returning from the spa, Nasťa will start to prepare herself for the next season in Dachstein. "My goal is to win the World Cup. This year it will be held in Russia, so it is an even bigger challenge for me", she said. She claims the most difficult track is in Finland, where she trains every year for a short time to be in better shape. She always travels for the race together with her husband, while her parents take care of her small son. In addition to cross-country skiing, she likes volleyball and alpine skiing. And how does she motivate herself? "I have it in my blood", adds our most successful Olympic champion.

Famous Slovak actresses enjoyed the healing power of the water and mud in Piešťany

Everybody knows the actress constantly sparkling with optimism and always in a good mood – the excellently-looking lady – Marína Kraľovičová, who has been praising and lauding Spa Piešťany for years. The beautiful doctor from the TV series Doctor’s Office in the Rose Garden (Ordinácia v Ružovej záhrade) – Zdenka Studenková, is just as famous. Both of these Slovak celebrities visit the Health Spa Piešťany as frequently as one would go to piano lessons, even several times a year. This year, they have both even chosen the same dates.

Both actresses say the Spa helps keep them in good shape and in a form necessary for their demanding jobs. “I would otherwise already be lying in my coffin,” jokes Marína about her reasons for returning to Piešťany.

Besides treatments, Marína also enjoys swimming in the thermal swimming pool. On the other hand, Zdenka could not be torn away from Pilates exercises and the bodybuilding gym. “This year you have made me very happy indeed with the new weight lifting machines and a running belt,” Zdenka adds with joy evident in her voice.

Members of the band Status Quo also drew energy at the Hotel Thermia

At the beginning of July, the director Josef Provázek welcomed the well-known band Status Quo to his hotel. The British group is one of the best ever still-running rock bands in the world, and is proud to have released over twenty albums.

Band members Richard Parfitt, Francis Rossi, Matthew Letley, Andrew Bown and John Edwards enjoyed relaxing in the 5-star hotel before and after a hard rock concert at a music festival in the town Nove Mesto. "The two-day stay was an excellent opportunity to move closer to world stars and know who and how they are at least a little bit", said the Director of the Hotel, Mr Josef Provázek. "We were impressed how much they talked with us and brought a rock mood to us", added the Director.

Before the World Championship, football players “enjoyed the mud” in Spa Piešťany.

At the end of May, the Hotel Thermia hosted the members of the Slovak football team. The team choose the best-known spa in Slovakia for their rejuventation before the World Championship.   The representatives, led by the coach Vladimir Weiss, came to Spa Island in order to use the healing sulphurous mud and thermal water. During the four-day stay, a team of 80 people, led by manager Jozef Provázka, took care of the football team. When preparing food, the dishes were based upon selected meals that contain large amounts of vegetables and fruit. In addition to the coach Vladimir Weiss, the comfort and services of the first 5-star hotel in Slovakia also welcomed Vladimir Weiss, Jr., Martin Škrtel,  Marek Hamšík, and the Piešťany native Filip Hološko.

The Slovak Spa Piešťany wishes the Slovak football team a lot of luck and success – we will keep our fingers crossed!

Spa Piešťany have a swimmer at the World Championships in Sweden.

Spa Piešťany is known worldwide as an oasis of health. For centuries, people have found rest and regeneration in the healing thermal water here.

Today, we would like to introduce to you our colleague, whose healthy lifestyle and love of sports should serve as an example to our guests. Peter Pontes, who is known to many of our guests as an attentive and friendly waiter at the Hotel Thermia Palace, is an athlete and a warrior soul and body.  His greatest passion is in fact swimming.

He started doing this sport when he was ten in a so-called "experimental swimming class". "There was simply a tradition in Piešťany and it grabbed me“, said the jolly fifty-year-old man. When he was young, he usually achieved around 15th place in the Republic. Besides swimming, he also played water polo. For 10 years, he also represented the Czechoslovak Republic individually, and he played for the well-known clubs of Piešťany and Topoľčany in the first water polo league. He achieved excellent results in the modern triathlon, where he won first place at the Slovak Championships. Later, he also devoted energy to the pentathlon. Married, he has two children, who, in his words, only do sport recreationally. But he continued with swimming and his passion brought him to the World Championship of Veterans. His strong events are the 50 m and 100 m freestyle. When he has free time he usually swims for an hour, and then spends half an hour in the fitness room with a barbell and jumping rope. "Besides good conditioning, the strengthening of hands is very important for "freestyle" swimming, adds the pleasant athlete. The following results speak of his success – he was a 15-time Slovak champion, 6-time champion of the Czech Republic, 4-time runner-up of Austria, all in the veterans category. At the World Championships, he finished in the 23rd place in both 50 m and 100 m freestyle categories, and at the European Championships he placed 6th and 11th, respectively.  At present, Peter Pontes belongs to the 55 to 59 age category and is able to swim 100 m with a time of 1:03.52. He also holds the Slovak record in the 50 m freestyle at 28.56 seconds. Due to this success, he will travel to the World Championships for the second time, which will be held in the Swedish city of Göteborg at the end of July.

According to Mr. Pontes, the World Championships is an event which cannot be compared to any other; an amazing atmosphere, tension in the air, and also meeting other passionate athletes make this event unique. The oldest man he met at the championships was 94 years old. "Despite age, the athletes have different concerns than other pensioners.  They talk about things like how they should have stretched out their hand for better turning or how poorly they accelerated". "Marvellous!", he added.

His family supports him in all areas and this time Spa Piešťany also joined in. "We are pleased that we have such an exceptional athlete in our ranks.  We are happy to help him with preparation, organisation and of course with financial matters in order to successfully compete at the World Championships.  All of us will cross our fingers for him", added the SLK Director General, Klaus Pilz.

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